Apple Being Urged to Rethink Changing Gun Emoji to Water Pistol


Ios 9 10 emojipedia pistol

Earlier this week, Apple highlighted in a press release how it has added more gender diverse emoji in iOS 10, while also showing off the water pistol emoji it has used to replace the handgun emoji. However, the company is now being urged to rethink its plan to get rid of the handgun emoji symbol, as Emojipedia has explained how the water pistol would still appear as the handgun emoji in messages sent to non-iOS users (via Daring Fireball).

Emojipedia pistol emoji cross platform

So if Apple goes ahead with this change in the public iOS 10 release, one person could innocently tweet a toy and have that be seen by others as a weapon, as shown above. A better solution for Apple, as suggested by Emojipedia, would be to hide the handgun emoji instead of changing it. The pistol emoji could be removed from the iOS emoji keyboard without causing any cross platform compatibility issues.

Emojipedia pistol emoji comparison

As John Gruber puts it:

“Hiding the pistol from the emoji keyboard is timid. Changing it to a toy is a statement, indicating that Apple wants no part of the gun culture here in the U.S. I support Apple changing this glyph to a toy — but if they do otherwise, they should drop the glyph completely, and display the “missing glyph” box for the pistol’s code point”.

Ironically though, Microsoft switched Windows’s pistol emoji from a toy ray gun to a realistic revolver earlier this week. Take a look by clicking here.


  • Joe

    If you hide the gun emoji in iOS though, what happens when an Android user sends it to you? I’m assuming you’ll still see it, right?

    I would imagine the best course of action is probably to change it to a water pistol. I’m sure Apple competitors (Samsung for sure) will change theirs to copy Apple in no time.

  • awkpain

    Water Pistol: The Adobe Flash of 2016

  • FerrariF1

    LOL Very True

  • Ashley Mann

    Oh my god. What a bunch of wimps. You spend your time chasing imaginary characters all over your city on your iPhone, you celebrate the imaginary characters capture like you’ve cured cancer and even that insanity isn’t enough for you, it doesn’t stop there. Now when you see a picture of a gun, not a real gun but a picture of a gun, an imaginary gun, you react with “holy shit NO make it a squirt gun”. Do any of you have any clue of how psycho you’ve become? Seriously. The majority of society are just so fucked up there is clearly no help for you. Omg.

  • Lol

  • Microsoft changed their toy gun emoji into a real pistol emoji. Oh, Microsoft.