Apple Nabbed 103.6% of Smartphone Industry Profit in Q3


In a recent research note, BMO Capital Markets analyst Tim Long has estimated that Apple accounted for 103.6% of smartphone industry operating profits in the third quarter (via Investor’s Business Daily). The iPhone maker’s share is over 100% because other vendors lost money in the business, resulting in Apple having more smartphone profit than the industry netted overall, the analyst explained.


In the year-earlier period, Apple grabbed 90% of smartphone profits, while this year, the Cupertino giant captured over 100% of smartphone industry profits for the first time, thanks in part to Samsung’s weaker results, Long said.

Long predicts that smartphone unit shipments will grow at a compound annual rate of 2.6% from 2015 to 2019. “Emerging markets will dominate smartphone growth, at 4%, while developed markets will decline less than 1%,” Long said.

While Apple was No. 1 by a mile in Q3 smartphone operating profits, Samsung was No. 2 with a tiny 0.9% share. The South Korean company had 21.7% of the smartphone market based on units sold in Q3, followed by Apple (13.2%) and Huawei (9.7%), according to BMO. 

BMO’s research also revealed that global smartphone shipments rose 2.1% year over year to 346 million units in Q3.


  • swotam

    I wonder how much longer these Android hardware vendors are going to be able to continue not making any profit on their devices? Having almost 22% of the market while making 0.9% of the profits isn’t exactly impressive.

  • OnePlus and ZTE have the right idea. They only produce phones on what they think will sell, and make additional more to fulfill orders. However this makes longer wait times for customers too. I can see more Android OEMs starting to use this more tight method of pinching their dollars.

  • Brad Fortin

    People keep pointing out that Android has almost 90% market share, but what does market share matter if you can’t make any money from that market? Besides, if an OEM is constantly losing money they won’t be able to stay in business for long, making the race for market share futile. Apple and Samsung seem to be the only successful businesses in this whole market.