Apple Job Posting Hints At LTE For iOS Devices


A recent job posting for Apple Shanghai suggests that the company is looking to get familiar with LTE cellular data technology. The job listing lists the integration of LTE in iOS devices as a “specific duty.”

The job title is “iOS Cellular Protocol SW Engineer-SH/BJ”. Some of the details are below:

Specific Duties
– Implementation, Integration, customization, enhancement and maintenance of L1-3 Protocols for one or more of the following air interface: GSM/UMTS, CDMA (1x/EVDO), LTE etc.

Apple job listings are usually a good indication of what the company is looking to do in the future. This job listing details the integration of LTE in iOS devices as a specific duty, which means we may see LTE data speeds in new iPhone devices.

Of course this is dependent on the wireless network carriers adopting LTE/4G technology.

Will the iPhone 5 feature LTE/4G data speeds? Will our Canadian carriers adopt LTE/4G? What do you think?



  • Well this just mean that apple is expanding this year… Looks like they are up to something great to look forward to. I am an apple fan and I always look forward for their new products. So excited for updates.

  • xxJDxx

    I think the Canadian carriers ARE already testing LTE, but the fact that apple is just NOW looking to hire someone to integrate LTE is not promising. From what I’ve read they are already testing the iphone 5, so if they are just LOOKING for someone who knows LTE now, i doubt it will make it to the iphone 5. Apple was slow to adopt 3G as well….