Apple Music Surpasses 10M Subscribers in 6 Months: FT


Tim Bradshaw, reporting for The Financial Times:

Apple has passed 10m subscribers for its music streaming service, taking six months to hit a milestone that took its arch-rival Spotify six years to hit, say people familiar with the matter.

Apple Music rival, Spotify, reached 20 million paid subscribers back in June, out of 75 million monthly listeners. The number surely has grown since then, but the key takeaway from this report is Apple Music reached half of Spotify’s paid subscribers in just six months. 

Whatever the numbers may be, competition at the end of the day is good for consumers. I enjoy both Spotify and Apple Music. 


  • Corey Beazer

    I bet a lot of spotifys numbers came from when the offer deals like the 3 months for 9.99. I certainly used that offer.

  • Harold Mitchell

    Perhaps…I was an Apple Music subscriber from day one but just switched to Spotify. The Apple Music interface was so confusing and frustrating, constantly deleting my next up list. Spotify much simpler and cleaner to use.

  • OliChabot

    I like Apple Music. Sure, it has its flaws (mostly the confusing UI and those «not so wanted» curated playlists), but at the end of the day, for 10bucks a month I getall hte music I want, on my phone, and I know I’m actually giving (whatever the amount it is) money to artists. And it indeed helped me discover new artists that I wouldnt have discovered without AM !

    I just wished they would have bought Spotify, I loved this app and the playlists. They could buy 8tracks…

  • Dave

    Can’t stand iTunes, but I’ll give them credit, Apple Music has a pretty solid library.