Apple Officially Shuts Down Chomp and Ping


Last month it was noted Apple’s social music network, Ping, was set to end on September 30th. Well, that day has come and gone. The social network was launched by the late Steve Jobs back in 2010 and managed to register 1 million users in 48 hours, but there was no real interest soon afterwards. Apple CEO Tim Cook listened to customer feedback and agreed to shut down the failed service.

Chomp App Discovery Service Terminated Today Too

Apple acquired app discovery service Chomp back in February for a reported $50 million dollars. A couple months later, the service was axed for Android and in June developers reported a change in app search results, hinting at Chomp’s influence. However, the most obvious changes occurred at the end of August with App Store search results taking on a new look, clearly resembling the ‘cards’ interface from Chomp.

Today, MacRumors notes Chomp has been shut down and the site URL forwarded to, with no new app installs taking place either. Existing iOS users are greeted with the following message that the service was discontinued yesterday:

That’s all she wrote for Chomp. What do you think of its influence in today’s App Store?


  • mulletpilot

    Zero comments, guess that goes to show how important ping was…Ah shit, I screwed it up! never mind.

  • Kellie

    Even though I couldn’t get any of my friends to use it ( and/or) they didn’t purchase music, I will miss ping. I could see what my fav artists were buying or recommending and I discovered some great music. I think there was some potential and I enjoy my friends usual recommendations on music so if they did use it, and weren’t cheap and bought the music, it mighta turned out more fun. I think a better route may be to consolidate the music, movies, apps, any of that general info into one place at some point instead of having everything in a separate app. (Ie ping, game centre, etc). Along with controllable privacy settings, of course.

  • codeblue009

    Chomp was probably a good app, never really used it, but the app store is ridiculous now, i search for an app and it takes like a few minutes to scroll to number 100, used to take like seconds. i think its annoying, even though the layout is more informative, one at a time is too slow and takes away from chomps algorithm since its harder to see all the apps the algorithm pulls up!

  • I think Apple’s plan is that the new Facebook integration will replace Ping’s functionality. (You can now post directly to Facebook from within iTunes.)