Apple Pay Promo in Canada: Deals within Lululemon, Impressed, Foodora for iOS [u]


Earlier this month we told you about an Apple Pay promo at Lululemon where using the mobile wallet to checkout would garner a $25 gift card on purchases of $150 or more. Now, it appears Apple has added a couple other Apple Pay promos for Canadians, in part to get users a “Holiday Head Start”:

Apple pay holiday head start

A recent email newsletter blast says using Apple Pay to check out within the photo ordering app Impressed will give you 20% off, while food orders with Foodora (available in Toronto/Montreal) will grant you 10% off.

Apple pay promo

For users in the United States, Apple launched its own Apple Pay promo for 14 retailers, earlier this month, detailed as “exclusive holiday offers with Apple Pay on the web”.

Update: HBX for iOS also has an Apple Pay promo, for $25 off orders.


  • IS

    Isn’t there a limit of $100 for VISA/MC for the tap payment? (ApplePay)

  • Depends on your credit card issuer. Amex on the web worked fined for the a $150 Lululemon transaction.

  • Many99

    Is there any good reason why bestbuy, staples, Newegg and others offer applepay within apps for US apps but don’t in Canada

  • Kellidotca

    It would be awesome if I didn’t get a shipping address error every.single.time

  • Eric

    Lululemon has to be $150 BEFORE Taxes.. just a heads up