Apple to Announce Apple Pay for the UK at WWDC: The Telegraph


Could the UK be the next launch country for Apple Pay? According to unnamed sources speaking to The Telegraph, Apple will announce Apple Pay for the UK at WWDC on Monday, then launch the service two months later:

Apple is poised to reveal that it is planning to launch Apple Pay, its contactless mobile payments service, in Britain this summer.

The Silicon Valley giant is expected to make the announcement on Monday in San Francisco at its annual jamboree for software developers, industry sources say. The service will be switched on in around two months, they said.

Earlier this week, MasterCard told the press it was “absolutely ready” to bring Apple Pay to the UK, according to the company’s senior executive Mike Cowan.

Canada is rumoured to launch Apple Pay possibly in November—let’s hope we hear something earlier or talks are still on track. Previously, we heard TD Bank and Scotiabank dodge questions when asked if they were working with Apple to bring Apple Pay to Canada.


  • Alejandro Moreno

    Apple, come on! Seriusly UK before Canada, we are more than ready, i want apple pay!

  • Pretty please Apple!

  • Geoffrey Spencer

    I think Apple wants to announce that they are bringing Apple Pay to Canada but the issue might be with the banks and not with Apple.

  • erth

    first it was marijuana, now apple pay. we are sooooo slowwwww in canada.