Apple Posts New iPhone 4 Ad: Longer


Apple just posted a new iPhone 4 ad, titled ‘Longer’. It highlights the lithium polymer battery that will let you last ‘longer’ all on the world’s thinnest smartphone. The battery on the iPhone 4 is much improved compared to previous iPhones, and is one that can actually last a day.

How’s your iPhone 4 battery life?


  • pedped

    If i start the day around 11AM with 100% it will die to around 50-40% around 5-6 PM so i doubt mine would last a full day. NO movies or anything just cydia and web browsing. *iPhone 4-Rogers (Vancouver) iOS 4.1 Jailbroken.

  • Andre Ten

    My iPhone 4 lasts a full day no problem. I constantly make calls and often listen to music, play guitar hero, surf youtube & the web, read twitter & instapaper, and take pictures here and there. This is a welcomed upgrade from my previous 3GS which could barely make it through the day with me limiting my usage. My day usually ends with 25%+ battery level.

    My iPhone 4 is not jailbrokening for those of you who are wondering.

  • Ex

    That’s about my battery life too. Which is much longer than my 3GS.

  • Anonymous

    My battery generally lasts a full day under my normal usage. If I spend more time surfing than normal, I can end up having to recharge. With my portable recharge kit, I can’t imagine ever needing to find a plug other than overnight.

  • Glo2l

    I have had the iphone 3, 3gs, and now my beloved 4 with 4.1 fw. jailbroken. I have noticed a difference a positive one in the battery life (improved). Like every1 if I play games, watch a movie. surf the web. i notice it drain fast. I usually have approx. below 40% by the end of the day. then a charge overnite. I am hoping for a mophie juice pak for xmas, but will not buy it, coz they may change the design of the iphone next yr. and it may not fit.

  • iphoneinregina

    I can get at least a full day’s use out of my iphone 4. Most of the time, I can get two day’s use out of a single charge (with about 6 hours of actual usage over that period) using it mostly for wifi web browsing.

  • suckaaaaa!!

    Mine lasts 1/2 day max because I have activesync running in background all day because of work. Still though u would think it can last longer???

  • Vazandrew

    If i’m out all day and use it a lot then it will be 20% at day’s end. However, most days its just during commute and light usage at work so i’ll still be at 70% and it will last 3 days under that cycle (though i top it up each morning so it’s closer to 4 days)

  • Chrome262

    I like how now at the bottom end it doesn’t rush to zero, it goes from 40% to 5% a lot slower.

  • Anonymous

    Even with this new battery I’m going through a charge the same as I did with my iPhone 3G

  • Anonymous

    It lasts longer for me. Didn’t Apple only advertise a 10% improvement? It feels better than that.

  • Calgary

    on 100% brightness 4 hours, on ~70% brightness 6 hours, ~40% brightness 7-8 hours. (hours of ‘usage’)

  • Jozsef Varga

    My iPhone lasts a LOT longer than my iPod Touch 2nd Gen, but because I play a LOT of games on it, it tends to last less long than my mom’s blackberry. But then again, my mom hardly knows how to use her her blackberry 😀

  • iPhone Whiz

    they came out with this new commercial.
    i think it’s an implication that there will be no updates on the iphone 4.

  • iPhone Whiz

    i mean like iphone 4gs, or iphone 5.

  • Padremm

    It’s better than the 3GS. But won’t last a full day. My iPhone 4 is jailbroken and sometime there is an app that will drain my battery. I don’t know which one and within a few hours it’s under 20%.

  • Ultramax

    It generally last a full day …not exactly sure what people mean by normal use….
    But if i surf the web 3 hours, play games 1 hour, phone call 30 minutes, it runs out of battary…thats from 7:30am when i unplug my the power, to 7:00 pm when I get home..battary remaining less than 10%

    Is that LONGER??? er…….please let me know…