Apple Promo Offering $25 iTunes Card with Apple TV Purchases Expands to Canada


Ahead of its fall iTunes Festival, Apple has re-launched its promo offering a $25 iTunes Card with new Apple TV purchases for users in the United States (via 9to5Mac). The promo was also available earlier this year back in February.

This time around, Apple has included Canada as part of the promo as well (along with Australia and European countries), as the Canadian website also reflects the gift card deal:

Screenshot 2014 08 12 09 32 46

The Apple TV retails brand new for $109 CAD, but users can buy a refurbished unit for $85 from Apple’s website (not part of the promo offer), which comes with a one year warranty as well (but minus new retail packaging).

This gift card offer is available starting today and goes until September 30, 2014. If you were about to purchase an Apple TV, this just might sweeten the deal a bit more.



  • Ange

    Just got one 3 weeks back! Missed out 🙁

  • Doh :/

  • jabohn

    Where does it say that the gift card deal applies to the refurbished model as well? The article implies this but doesn’t outright state it.

  • It only applies to new Apple TV units and not refurbished models.

  • Peter

    Just bought one a couple days ago from Staples locally. I had been thinking about it for a few weeks and finally decided to go for it, should have waited a couple more days :(.

  • You can still return it can’t you?

  • Anon

    Is this exclusive only to the online Apple store? What about other retailers?

  • Apple online or an Apple retail store only.