Apple Re-Releases Apple TV 6.0 Firmware Update [Download Links]


After pulling its Apple TV 6.0 firmware update due to the upgrade causing some devices to be ‘bricked’ and require a restore via iTunes, Apple has re-released its 6.0 firmware for download, which went live two hours ago:

How to update your Apple TV if you haven’t already?

Launch Apple TV, then go to Settings > General > Update Software and select ‘Download Now’ to start the process.

The original Apple TV 6.0 firmware release took place on September 20 and added new features such as AirPlay from iCloud, iCloud Photos and Videos and more. Unfortunately, iTunes Radio remains only available to those in the USA.

Thanks Nick!


  • yearoftherat

    After installing/restoring to the latest version via ITunes on my Macbook Pro, I changed region from Canada to USA, signed in with my US account and am able to get iTune Radio. 🙂

  • wuju

    I’ve installed the original version 6.0. Will this re-install? Or how can one re-install this second version over the first one?

  • butlerchick

    Wondering the same thing… my first installation was fine and worked… Should I do the second one or leave “as is”?

  • Chrome262

    I haven’t updated yet in either case, I will try it tonight, I have the DNS service so it think its in the US, so I will see about itunes radio as well.

  • jabohn

    If you check for an update on the aTV it will tell you there is another new version. That’s what I did last night.

  • Shawn Rouse

    Seamless installation tonight, now on 6.0 as well. No issues.