Apple Responds to ‘Antennagate’ Class Action Lawsuit Settlement


The iPhone 4 ‘Antennagate’ fiasco resulted in 18 class action lawsuits down in the U.S. against Apple, and that has now been settled altogether. iPhone 4 users in the case (25 million total members) launched legal action against Apple during that time and now the case has been settled, and argued Apple was:

“misrepresenting and concealing material information in the marketing, advertising, sale, and servicing of its iPhone 4–particularly as it relates to the quality of the mobile phone antenna and reception and related software.”

The result? U.S. users will receive either $15 in cash or a free Bumper case. Apple responded to the settlement with:

“This settlement relates to a small number of customers who indicated that they experienced antenna or reception issues with their iPhone 4, and didn’t want to take advantage of a free case from Apple when it was being offered in 2010.”

So essentially those that opposed Apple’s solution last year…have ended up with the same solution, with an option for $15 cash. Here in Canada, ‘antennagate’ was a mixed bag, with a majority of users not suffering major reception issues like those on AT&T in the U.S. It’s interesting to note Apple’s dedicated ‘antennagate’ and Bumper replacement pages are no longer available.

Were you ever affected by reception issues? Did you jump on the Bumper replacement program?

[via CNET]


  • yes I did have some antenna “problem” with my iPhone 4… but I always had a case on my iPhone… so it wasn’t really a problem… 

  • Toule911

    Serioulsy I have big reception problems with my iPhone4 when there is no case… and I’m stuck with it for 1 and half year…. It’s the main reason why I dont like my iPhone…

  • Anonymous

    Are you sure it’s not your carrier/location? That’s essentially what it was in the States … AT&Ts network sucks. To a small degree it was the phone but other phones displayed similar symptoms so it was more the network.

  • John

    Ever since I upgraded to 5.0.1 reception has seriously sucked. Before that, I had 4.3.3 which was quite nice as far as reception goes.

  • Kraken

     Sell it off on CL and buy a 4S.  Simple. 

  • Kraken

    Nope.  It has nothing to do with the carrier.  I was with Rogers when I had my 4, and if you touch of the bottom right, bridging the two antenna’s the signal would drop to 0 bars after 5 or so secs.  A friend of mine who was with Telus also had the exact same issue.  The bumper case seemed to of solved the problem, but there are many people out there that don’t want a bulky bumper on their sleek iPhone 4.

  • Kraken

    Correction Bottom left side (notch).

  • Asdfdas

    If you touch the top band, your wifi signal would drop. I just realized this as my case is open on the bottom and top. It sucks but oh well.

  • Anonymous

    That’s strange because I have a lot of friends that have the 4 and have no problems at all … Everyone is located in the GTA and on one of the big three.

  • 6ee6

    When I travel overseas with my canadian iphone 4, i tried the antennagate thing, and signal dropped 1 bar after 2 minutes and thats it!. When I come back to Canada, with Fido, if i touch it, in one minute It would say no signal…..both were at full bars before touching…..i believe its a problem with iphone 4 design anf carrier transmittance.

  • Kraken

    It all depends on how you hold the phone.  Just as long as you don’t bridge the antenna ‘notch’ with your hand at the bottom-left of the phone, it will be ok. 

  • RFEngineer

     It’s not strange.  I’m an antenna engineer.  Some people will not notice it in an area of strong signal strength.  You can’t just use the bars on the phone to indicate that. 

    Each person’s body and touch have different characteristics so some will experience more/less antenna tuning. 

    The last variable is component/design tolerance.  Some phones will behave a worse then others. 

    In the end, there is definitely design issue on iPhone4.  Apple refuses to tell the truth.  Some of it is masked by the cellular network.

  • Don

    I think it’s worth noting that the severity of the problem may have a lot to do with which band (800 vs 1900 MHz) the phone happens to be on at any given time, and the user has no control over band selection… There is no question as to whether the problem exists, but under certain circumstances it may not show up… This also goes for looking at bars instead of dBm values…

  • Envy2004

    Yup it’s crap I also had issues with signal and dropped calls, last straw was when I was placing emergency call too 911 and calls keep on dropping, so i went to apple store and threw phone at the guy and told him too pay for it and were he can stuff it then and only then apple offered me new phone wich helped with problem but nowhere did it eliminate it

  • Guest

    The saga still continues though…. Still major signal issues on 4S and it’s getting really anoying.