Apple Should Adopt This Stunning iOS 7 Concept [VIDEO]


Home screen ios7 concept

Simply Zesty’s Art Director, Philip Joyce has come up with a brilliant iOS 7 concept, to which Apple should give a serious thought of adopting. At the upcoming WWDC 2013 conference, which is scheduled for June 10-14, Apple is expected to unveil a major overhaul to its industry leading mobile operating system, especially in terms of UI. Additionally, the company is expected to introduce a MacBook lineup refresh and OS X 10.9.

As noted by The Next Web, Simply Zesty’s concept is an impressive take on the forthcoming iOS 7. It features completely redesigned app icons, a brand new lock, a customizable widget-rich home screen, and a fresh look for native apps like Calendar, Music, Camera, Siri and Facebook.

Music ios7 concept design

I particularly like the Music application design concept (shown above) and the new look of stock app icons. For more, check out the video and share your thoughts in the comments section below:


  • Finally a concept where someone has thought through an actual flat design for the whole OS. Fantastic presentation video.

    That being said, it looks an awful lot like Windows 8. I think something like this would be a bad move for Apple, as it makes them look more like a copycat and doesn’t differentiate them from the other touchscreen phones.

    That’s the one thing I like about the skeuomorphic design. Apple’s the only one doing it, so it positions them differently in the marketplace. I agree that it goes too far sometimes, but as for an overall feel, I like it.

  • Yeah, flat colours, square/tile style, especially the font choice, feels very Windowsy… but UI friendliness is in the right direction I think.

  • looks amazing. apple should hire this guy if ios7 fails.

  • FragilityG4

    Can’t say that I like it … Looks too much like Android.

  • Im really not sure what to think…. I quite like it… but it definitely have a windows feel to it…. to be honest If I was microsoft I would hire this guy to update the windows phone

  • WatDah

    I feel the same. What’s wrong with a skeuomorphic design? I think a flat design would make everything dull. As if iOS isn’t already boring enough (don’t kid yourself now, but I don’t mind it really).

    Just like to add, the lock slider on the top is a bad design. It doesn’t make sense. Other than that, the whole idea is pretty neat.

  • I agree. Even if the icons had more of a rounded corner it would make all the difference to pull it back away from looking too “metro-y”.

  • iOS WP8

  • WatDah

    Why a flat design? What’s wrong with skeuomorphism? I do agree that some elements in iOS can be toned down, but the whole OS? No thanks.

  • C01D1

    Apple is evil stop doing research and development for a company who does not care enough to take the effort to reinvent themselves they know if they stick an apple logo pay reviewers money to say that their devices are beautiful and restrict the hardware at the software level to force you into a linear user experience they have your money. Its us that makes the IOS better not apple. We develop its apps if anything its us that make IOS remotely worth using.

  • Cyrus Wu

    Not sure if I really care. The whole point of an iOS revamp is to improve the process of getting things done with the phone. Not an new colour.

  • Tim

    It does look a bit like Windows phone, but I’d take it over the current version. iOS is very outdated. The minimalism of flat design is a much better compliment to Apple hardware. iOS as it is, clashes with the physical.

  • I enjoyed it. I agree with the lock screen slider at the bottom of the screen though.