Apple Should Unlock iPhones at Government’s Request, Says Bill Gates


In a recent interview with news website Axios, Microsoft founder Bill Gates has said that all technology companies, including Apple, should unlock their smartphones when requested by the government, Business Insider is reporting. Gates added that companies should allow the government to operate freely “if they don’t want to be overscrutinized”.


When asked about Apple, which refused to help the FBI break in to an iPhone used by a terrorist in San Bernardino, California in 2015, Gates pointed to the companies’ enthusiasm about making financial transactions anonymous and invisible, and said:

“I don’t share the belief that even a clear mass-murdering criminal’s communication should never be available to the government”. “There’s no question of ability” for Apple to unlock an iPhone, he said, adding, “It’s the question of willingness.”

“Tech companies have to be careful that they’re not trying to think their view is more important than the government’s view, or than the government being able to function in some key areas,” he told the news website.

Gates continued that the double-edged nature of impactful technology is availability to small, independent, unregulated groups. “There’s always the question how much technology is empowering a small group of people to cause damage,” he said, going on to say that “smaller groups” might have access to nuclear weapons, bioterror weapons, or cyberweapons.


  • toronto_dude

    LOL. Thanks for the mobile phone advice, Bill. Governments are bought by corporations, giving them access to phone data would basically allow campaign donors access to the information of their competitors. Not to mention the potential abuse by dictatorial regimes against their population. Err on the side of privacy.

  • Taylor

    This is ludicrous he is a very smart man and I can’t see him not understand why Apple cannot unlock iphones at will.

  • FragilityG4

    Pretty bleak view… so is the US government bought by Apple?

  • Jay

    Is this fake news? or is one of the leaders of technology so stupidly blind as to WHY apple cant do that?

  • xxxJDxxx

    It’s a slippery slope once that door is opened….which is exactly why Apple won’t do it. Even if they did have the ability.

  • mcfilmmakers

    No, Apple shouldn’t. It should do as it always has: unlock the phones under a warrant. You know, because of due process and PROOF, not because the government asked but because the government proved there was a need.

  • Joseph

    That was an Olympic marathon of double negatives