Apple Stimulates Same Part of Brain As Religion, According to Brain MRI


Are you a true Apple ‘fanboy’? For the longest time, Apple has been viewed by many as a ‘cult’ or ‘religion’, due to its devoted loyal customers. The BBC in its recent filming of Secret of the Superbrands, focused on the cult of Apple as part of its segment.

So when neuroscientists scanned the brain of @alexbrooks (editor at World of Apple) with an MRI, the results showed Apple was stimulating the same areas of the brain that religious figures do for people of faith. Boom.

So it’s true. The Apple ‘experience’ is truly like a religion.

From the BBC article about Superbrands:

The scenes I witnessed at the opening of the new Apple store in London’s Covent Garden were more like an evangelical prayer meeting than a chance to buy a phone or a laptop.

The strangeness began a couple of hours before the doors opened to the public. Inside the store, glassy-eyed staff were whipped up into a frenzy of excitement, jumping up and down, clapping and shouting.

Apple staff encouraged the hysteria at the new store opening in Covent Garden
When the doors finally opened, they hysterically “high-fived” and cheered hundreds of delirious customers flooding in through the doors for hours on end.

And what did those customers – some who’d travelled from as far away as the US and China and slept on the pavement for the privilege – find when they finally got inside?

Well, all the same stuff as in the Apple store half a mile away on Regent Street. No special offers, no free gifts (a few t-shirts were handed out), no exclusive products. Now that’s devotion.

So, what do you think? Is Apple your ‘religion’?

[BBC via PCMag]


  • Brad G

    Well, if apple was a religion, I would sure as hell trust them more than Christianity or any other religion.

  • Brad G

    Well, if apple was a religion, I would sure as hell trust them more than Christianity or any other religion.

  • DonCBT


  • Dennis

    Trust in God, not a company.

  •  Shows you faith in general, is one of those things that can be part of anything in life, and is not excluded to religion. too many religions want people to think that true faith is only with them, but what actually the case is, faith in yourself or the people, and in this case, the company you use, its what really matters. Hey if people want add a company to the things that give them hope then more power to them. also, mapping regions of the brain based on responses to questions is not an exact science. Interesting though.

  • Tim

    Well said Dennis!!

  • Anonymous

    of course, (g)od never misses a support call! 

  • Antonio_zeus

    wow..a bunch of morons if you ask in technology? trust in jobs? trust in a company who all they do is make you fools re-buy their products every year…? geeze, the monkeys are truly running the zoo

  • Krishewlett

    How about ‘trust in neither’. People should be critical thinkers, not blind followers. Apple just happens to have a long history of very good branding of very good products.