Apple Store Grand Opening Weekend: Halifax, Calgary, Coquitlam [PICS]


Yesterday marked the grand opening of new Apple Stores in Halifax, Coquitlam and a new larger location for Market Mall in Calgary. All three stores had lines ups as expected, as the first 1000 visitors received a free commemorative t-shirt. The Halifax store had a slight glitch as power was lost early in the morning that pushed the opening past its scheduled 9:30am opening time. But from what I hear spirits for very high for this latest exciting addition to the Maritimes.

Halifax Apple Store via @ardithm:

Opening video via YouTuber Patrickr444:

Coquitlam Apple Store and opening video via @alexglee:

Market Mall Apple Store in Calgary via @digik9:

All in all, it sounds like the grand opening of these new stores were a success. Did you wait in line at any of the openings or manage to get a free t-shirt?


  • T33BS

    those poor children experiencing corporate-slavery parenting right before their eyes…

  • jabohn

    Meanwhile… Kelowna is also set to get an Apple Store, opening in September in Orchard Park Shopping Centre which is the largest mall between Calgary and the Lower Mainland. It is quite close to an existing Apple dealer, Simply Computing which is right across the street! Oh and by the way, it’s wishful thinking that it’s an official Apple Store… it’s merely another authorized dealer called iWorld Connect. So apparently there’s a market for 2 authorized dealers but not enough for one of the real thing.