Apple Store Richmond Centre, Upper Canada Mall Grand Openings on Saturday

Back in late March we first reported that Richmond Centre in Richmond, BC, would be opening an Apple Store. That store will have its grand opening this Saturday. This will mark the third Apple Store in the Metro Vancouver area. Every single Apple Store in Metro Vancouver is within walking distance of Skytrain/Canada Line routes.

Another Apple Store will also have a grand opening this Saturday as well. The Apple Store Upper Canada Mall will be set to debut in Newmarket, Ontario.

As in tradition with Apple Store openings, the first 1000 visitors to each store will score a free Apple t-shirt. Are you going to wait in line for any of these grand openings? You might score yourself an iPhone 4!

Here’s a sneak peak at the Richmond Centre store, thanks to @bspence88 via twitter:

A brand spankin' new Apple Store. *drool*

Richmond Centre line up as of 12:45am, via @liamm

Apple Store Richmond Centre:

Address: 6551 No. 3 Road Richmond, British Columbia, V6Y 2B6, 604-248-3940

Apple Store Upper Canada Mall:

Address: 17600 Yonge Street Newmarket, Ontario L3Y 4Z1, 905.952.3400

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  • -_-

    about time!

  • Brad Spence

    Thanks for using my pic. Although, my twitter is bspence88 not bspend88 😛

  • Leelee

    It’s Upper “Canada” Mall not Upper Market Mall….

  • Whoops, fixed. Thanks again! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    what kind of tshirt are we talking? is it the blue one those geniuses wear? if yes i’m so there! if it’s plain white with half eaten apple i’ll pass

  • Welsh2Canadian

    So when are we getting an Apple Store in The Maritimes or has Apple forgot we exist????

  • Lol now they will get a t-shirt and an iPhone to put on eBay.


    WTF!!!! I thought the pacific center apple store was the only one!!!!!!!

  • Silver

    Let’s not forget the Apple Store opening at the end of this month in Calgary Chinook Centre.

  • Oakridge center too my friend 3 now

  • Oakridge center too my friend 3 now

  • Zeke2d

    Good, this will make Richmond Center less boring.

  • shit build one in metro town already!

  • I Agree. we need one around Surrey Place.
    With the University built in to the mall, with Dorm rooms.
    An apple store in that Mall would be a GREAT investment in my mind.
    Right on the skytrain line, and one of the primary bus loops too.

  • Eason_1108

    i think i’m going to richmond centre, but what time should i go?

  • As of 9:30pm, there were already 10 people in line, according to a friend
    who emailed me.

  • Eason_1108

    wow! well…i’ll just see if i can still be the 900+ when i go @ 9am then =P

  • Dannymark2002

    How many people are in the line up at Richmond Centre now?

  • Eason_1108

    i want to know too!

  • Just count how many new phones appear on eBay for a rough estimate lol

  • Anonymous

    The line-up goes out of the mall and all the way to the end and around the parking lot.

  • Nick

    Why does greater Vancouver get 3 apple stores and Vancouver Island has 0? They should make some here!!

  • Nick

    Why does greater Vancouver get 3 apple stores and Vancouver Island has 0? They should make some here!!

  • Paul

    Got my shirt at Newmarket location, iphone4 lineup was about 200 deep.

  • RC_Apple

    Lots iPhone 4 in stock at Richmond Center, everyone should get one today or tomorrow


    =( =( =( =( =( =( =( =( =( =( =( =( =( =( They’re sold out…. no more iphone 4s … . .. . . . I WANT MY IPHONE NOW

  • Put some money Down at your local carrier. You can put down a $50
    deposits to be places on a priority waiting list. Lots of people I
    know have already done it. Check it out my friend, it might be your
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  • Jordan

    Is it comfirmed there will be some for Sunday?

  • RC_Apple

    Yes plenty in stock

  • RC_Apple

    Yes plenty in stock

  • This might explain the shortage in the other retail apple stores
    people were talking about. Stock piling up for the grand opening for 1
    day of huge success to report to other competitors.

  • Gerry18

    Boy it was a long wait wasn’t it? I waited close to 3 hours to finally got escorted inside to get my iPhone.

  • Gerry18

    Finally got my iPhone 4 (32GB) at the Newmarket location.

  • Ex

    There are no iPhone 4 at Richmond tomorrow. 100% guaranteed.

  • Kool

    It was sold out sometime after noon yesterday (sat).

  • Ruffdeezy