Apple Stores Getting Lightning to 30-pin Adapters in Stock [Update]


We’ve seen extensive teardowns of Apple’s Lightning to 30-pin adapter which revealed there’s a lot of tech inside the tiny adapter. As for trying to purchase one, that’s a different story (similar to the Lightning to USB cable). notes availability as 2-3 weeks, but some Apple Stores in Canada have started to receive stock of the cabled version of this adapter.

You’ve been sending us tips as where the adapter is in stock, such as the unit below (the cabled $45 version) which was available at the Halifax Apple Store (by our reader Graham). Other stores in Canada such as the Richmond Apple Store also have units in stock:

Have you been able to nab a Lightning to 30-pin adapter at a retail Apple Store or reseller (Future Shop has the adapter version listed for $39.99 online but it’s not available)? Let us know where and when in the comments.

Thanks @grahamrose and Mike!

Update: Clarified article to highlight the availability of the $45 cabled version, not the $35 standalone adapter which still is backordered.


  • gerry

    Apple Store in Newmarket, ON (Upper Canada Mall) has the cabled lightning adapter in stock, not the other one.

  • Clarified the article to reflect the availability of the cabled version, not the standalone adapter.

  • Slsman100

    Picked up 2 at Eaton Centre Apple Store yesterday

  • Santy10

    Apple store St. Catherine street (Montreal). Just picked one up.

  • Emdem12

    I got it on wednesday at the Apple Store in Ste-Foy, Québec.

  • I picked one up at Square One Mississauga good thing I had a gift card.

  • frank

    bought one at square one in mississauga today

  • Glenn

    All Edmonton Apple Store has the cabled version in stock.

    Sadly, I have to return the non-cabled version (I’ve pre-ordered) as its useless with most cases/bumpers.

  • I lost my iphone 5 cable and guess what. now i got a $800 phone that i can’t use since i can’t charge it. To me it is inconcibable that a company like apple can not get their act together and have these available. This is a complete inventory mismanagement and although apple may make a great phone, they don’t seem to be able to think ahead and plan for situations like this.

  • GrandMasterFlash

    The cable has been available only intermittently from day 1 due to demand.

    Now how would you classify the loss of the cable on your part? Feel free to describe in detail and you’re more than welcome to use words and phrases such as “inconceivable” or “get your act together” or “mismanagement”or even “think ahead” or “plan for situation like this”. 🙂

  • wstoneman


  • Got a cabled one in downtown Vancouver at pacific centre mall Apple Store on Friday night. Works very well!

  • ThatGuy

    I got 2 lightning cables instead, I don’t use any older iPods or anything. I figured having multiple cables was better than adapters.

  • Gordon

    Picked up 2 at the Metrotown Apple Store today. There were probably about 7 or 8 left when I left the store at 3PM

  • sponticelli

    I got the cable version (45$) yesterday at Carrefour Laval (Laval, Quebec)

  • killy

    apple store in chinook mall calgary around last tuesday