Apple Takes its Maps to the Web in New ‘Find My iPhone’ Beta


As pointed out by German website, Apple’s new ‘Find My iPhone’ app on its beta website now uses Apple Maps, instead of Google Maps. While the public version of is still using Google Maps data, is however using an online version of Apple Maps for its location information.

Iphoneblog de icloud beta apple maps

It seems that even though Apple’s vector-based maps are lightweight and load faster, the functionality remains pretty much the same between the two versions of maps. Performance tests by AppleInsider show that the Google Maps-powered version transferred some 4 megabytes of data for a single request, compared to just over 400 kilobytes for Apple Maps.

When Apple dropped support for Google Maps and replaced it with its own mapping solution with the introduction of iOS 6, still remained tied to Google, though iOS apps such as Find My iPhone and Find My Friends also were converted to Apple’s mapping data a few months later. But now, it looks like will soon be getting data exclusively from Apple’s Maps as well.

Could this be the beginning of Apple’s transition to move its heavily criticised Maps application online?


  • Joker Eh and Find My iPhone on is a waste and a
    failure if you can’t access it from someone else’s iOS device or even an
    Android Tablet. All this time I thought I was ahead of the game until when I
    really needed it I couldn’t log into to find my phone from a friend’s
    iPad, then I tried his Android tablet and nope same thing. What’s the purpose then?

  • jabohn

    Sign into the Find my iPhone app from your friend’s iPad, not the website,

  • Riddlemethis

    all my friends have Android tablets 😉

  • Riddlemethis

    Why can’t Apple maps simply die?

  • Joker Eh

    And if they don’t have Find My iPhone all installed? And what about if you need a contact phone number or email address? it is all stored on it should be accessible from any tablet or mobile device. It is a failure.