Apple Adds ‘The Interview’ to iTunes for Rent or Purchase in Canada, USA [u]

While Google and Microsoft were first to start streaming Sony’s controversial movie The Interview online, Apple has now joined as well, with the film now available in iTunes for Canada and the USA (via Re/code).

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We watched this movie last night and it’s what you’d expect from a Seth Rogen movie—good for cheap laughs. The movie was filmed in Vancouver and Burnaby, with shots from the surrounding mountains. The film is 1 hour and 52 minutes long, and the 1080p HD size is 3.71 GB.

Update: Apple said the following in a statement to Reuters:

“We’re pleased to offer ‘The Interview’ for rental or purchase on the iTunes Store,” Apple spokesman Tom Neumayr said in a statement.

According to a report last week, Apple reportedly denied Sony’s request to stream the movie in iTunes, despite the latter seeking help from the White House.

Click here to rent or purchase The Interview in iTunes, starting at $6.99 CAD.

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  • Chris

    Am I the only one who feels like this was all pre-planned by Sony and the hack was an inside job? The movie looks like crap that only a handful of people would see, now everyone wants to see it in the name of “freedom”. /conspiracy theory

  • If it was, this would be one of the most brilliant PR moves of all time.

  • Chris

    That may be true. I don’t know, there is just something that doesn’t seem right. Either way, people are going to spend their money how they see fit I guess.

  • Doug

    I honestly believe this movie would’ve made back it’s $44 million in costs easily. Seth Rogen has a built in audience, so why the need to have this elaborate hoax? The movie might’ve made more if it just opened on time, and then it would’ve made even more money via iTunes, DVDs, and other media formats.

    People do love a conspiracy theory

  • Chris

    To each their own right? 😉

  • Tim

    3.71GB? the 1080p copy I have is 2.82GB. Where did the extra gig come from?

  • Not sure, that’s what it says in iTunes. Did you get 1080p or 720p?

  • Tim

    it’s definitely 1080p

  • Yami Sen

    $95 an hour! Seriously I don’t know why more people haven’t tried this, I work two shifts, 2 hours in the day and 2 in the evening…And what’s awesome is I’m working from home so I get more time with my kids. Heres where I went, ,,,..,,



  • Salinger

    Honestly? Yeah, I think you’re the only one. 🙂

  • Chris

    Glad to know your opinion, and you know what they say about those right? 😉

  • Ty

    The version your referring to is stereo sound. The iTunes format has 5.1 Dobly sound. Mystery solved!

  • Tim

    ah. no big loss then.

  • Salinger

    Actually, you were the one who shared your opinion. I merely answered the question you posed.

  • Chris

    Congrats, do you want a cookie?

  • Salinger

    Oh dear, what a master of repartee.

  • Salinger

    Not really. Instead of opening in thousands of Cinemas across North America, it only opens in a few dozen and is already in the much lower revenue digital release. It might have people talking but in terms of what studios care most about, $$$, it’d be one of the dumbest moves ever.

  • People are talking about this movie. That’s a win regardless whether they watch it or not. It’s a topic of conversation. What’s the most recent movie that has caused this much controversy?

  • Riddlemethis

    Horrible movie….I don’t think it’s even worth $7. It’s worse than Dumb and Dumber 2 in my opinion.

  • Riddlemethis

    I don’t think Sony is smart enough to pull something like this off.

  • Riddlemethis

    That’s really moot. The world does not revolve around conversation, it revolves around money. Will Sony break even with this movie? Let’s check back next year at this time and see for ourselves.

  • Salinger

    How is that a win though? There have been dozens of critically acclaimed movies that have had people talking, but no one went to see them and as far as studios are concerned, they bombed.

    The hypothesis was, “This is a ploy by Sony to promote this movie”. And by any rational account, the answer is definitely “NO”.

    This is hardly an art film where mere publicity and notoriety would be as much as they could have hoped for. This is a buddy comedy with two A-list stars. The measure of success is how much more than budget the studio makes back. And on that front, the developments surrounding this film have definitely made it far less profitable than it would have been otherwise.