Apple to Increase iPhone 5S Display to 4.3-inch? [Rumour]


Apple has decided to change the iPhone 5S screen size to 4.3-inch, which could trigger delays in introducing the highly anticipated handset, the Commercial Times reports and cited by Bloomberg.


According to anonymous industry sources, Apple has scheduled the release for September or October, in line with earlier reports claiming September release for the iPhone 5S.

The news comes right after industry sources from Taiwan claimed Apple’s suppliers ran into manufacturing issues due to low fingerprint sensor and LCD driver yields. Digitimes had heard about a bigger screen iPhone earlier this year, but recent whispers mentioned that the iPhone 5S will sport minor design changes compared to the currently available iPhone 5. AllthingsD has just confirmed that the iPhone 5S manufacturing process has begun.

The Commercial Times also has information about the lower-cost iPhone, as well. According to its sources, the handset will arrive as expected at the end of the third quarter, after chips for the new model started shipping in June. TSMC may only deliver iPhone 5S chips in August, the newspaper claims.


  • This rumor makes no sense to me. I understand why people may want a bigger screen and why they’d think Apple needs to put a bigger screen in their phone to better compete with the other phones out there, but it doesn’t make any sense from an Apple design point-of-view.

    Apple has kept their phone and tablet resolution changes to an absolute minimum, in terms of apps requiring any layout adjustment. Changing from the 3GS to the 4’s retina display was done in a way that it was only pixel-doubled, which doesn’t require adjusting the layout of any interfaces, only increasing their resolution. Obviously, the iPad’s size required a different layout, but when the iPad mini was announced, they kept the same resolution as the original iPad, meaning no new layouts were required.

    When they increased the screen to the 4″ screen of the iPhone 5, they did it in a way that only the height changed and the width remained the same, which meant that for any apps with a vertical layout that contained a main focus of scrolling content (most of them), the layout changes were straightforward and minimal, just move the top and bottom interface elements to the new top and bottom. Easy.

    Apple has done all of these screen changes while trying to have minimal impact on developers needing to re-layout their apps. If they were to increase the screen size to 4.3 inches, only a year after the they finally increased the screen size (they went five years without changing the physical screen size), it wouldn’t fit with their past strategy AT ALL.

    The only way I could see it happening is if it were the same resolution as the current iPhone 5 screen, only a bigger physical size, however if they were to do that, they wouldn’t be able to claim that it was a “retina” display anymore, so that doesn’t make sense either. It would be a horrible marketing move.

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Yeah, but remember Ryan, Steve Jobs isn’t running Apple anymore.

  • WatDah

    I mostly don’t respond to rumors anymore. Most of them makes no sense and has no Apple-logic.

    If you read carefully, you will notice that NOTHING in this article is actually suggesting anything close to a screen size change. Its just a bunch of links to other articles regarding rumors of random stuff. So go figure.

  • Anon

    Most of these rumors end up being complete BS anyways. There is no way the 5S is going to have a 4.3″ screen, period. As with previous releases, it will physically be identical to the 5, but with obvious hardware upgrades to processor and camera.