More Alleged Lower-Cost iPhone Rear Shells in Blue, Green, Yellow, Red and Gray

Sonny Dickson has posted a new set of images allegedly showing the rear shell of Apple’s long-rumoured lower-cost iPhone. This time, the photos show slightly different shades.


As you can see from the above image, the colours are paler than the bright ones that appeared online earlier last month.

If the rumour mill is correct, Apple’s suppliers have already started mass producing both the high-end and — as whispered — mid-end iPhone. Until now, we have seen only a couple of image leaks showing the rear shell of the plastic iPhone, and last weekend a questionable video surfaced showing what they claim to be the plastic back panel lacking the holes for the lock and volume buttons.

Also, last month the schematic of the lower-cost iPhone was leaked, and some case manufacturers have even made their first prototype based on the leaked schematics showing measurements of the rumoured plastic iPhone.

As we previously noted, rumours of the lower-cost iPhone have been around for quite a while now, but this year they seem to have gained traction, and if everything goes as whispered, we will likely see a launch of the plastic iPhone alongside the highly anticipated iPhone 5S this fall.