Apple to Release iOS 4.3.1 to Patch Security Holes; Will Delay iOS 4.3 Jailbreak


Yesterday we saw the video of an untethered iOS 4.3 jailbreak by German security expert, Stefan Esser (@i0n1c). The exploit he used is a “buffer overflow in the kernel heap” (someone translate this for me), and has not been discovered yet by Apple.

@i0n1c Says an Early iOS 4.3 Jailbreak Release Will Burn Exploit

With news of the iPhone 4 being exploited at the recent Pwn2Own event in Vancouver, Apple will most likely be pushing forward iOS 4.3.1. If a jailbreak is released for iOS 4.3 now, that exploit will be sealed by Apple in the next iOS update. Therefore, a jailbreak right now for 4.3 should be delayed.

iPhone 4 Hacker Confirms Apple Has Vulnerabilities He Exploited at Pwn2Own

Charlie Miller, the winner of hacking the iPhone 4 noted on twitter that Apple already has the vulnerability info he exploited at Pwn2Own, and will patch it in an update to iOS soon.

The iPhone 4 he hacked on iOS 4.2.1 exploited a hole in MobileSafari. The hole is still open on iOS 4.3, but the new added layers of ASLR security prevents his exploit from running.

[@0xcharlie, @i0n1c]

So if you’re patiently waiting for an untethered iOS 4.3 jailbreak, you might have to wait just a bit longer.


  • Anonymous

    Shitty news

  • Anonymous

    So many hackers nowadays! Even some we’ve never heard of…

  • Mikomi

    This is kind of silly, its like saying in August, That your waiting for the next iPhone. Of course apples going to release a update to patch your jailbreak, but with logic like that they will never release a jail break again. So Apple Wins, kind of.

    Not that i really care my iPhone is stock, and being replaced in with a dual core android device. But still I think that this is a sad game the “Hackers” are playing. A game thats a loosing battle for them.

  • Ncfcchamps04

    ARGHHHHHH! Foiled again! By TROLLS!!! Lol

  • Mostro Xrz

    am I the only one continually losing my wi-fi conaction after the upgrade in both ipad and iphone?

  • Jdutch

    There is an interesting dilemma for jailbreakers with this one… seeing as how Apple just updated 4.3 with a significantly desirable feature such as wifi-hotspot. In my opinion it would make logical sense to release the jailbreak method NOW, rather than wait for 4.3.1, which evidently is just a security update, and will include no new features. Why wait? Unless you plan to wait till iOS 5, which isn’t even on the horizon at the moment. Presumably it will come in the summer if and when an iPhone 5 arrives, and at that point, you will have a whole new device to play with anyway… Release it now if you’ve got it. I’d like to try the wifi hotspot feature, but I like my jailbroken apps.

  • Edge

    I never like this idea of waiting. Just release the jailbreak – Apple will always find the hole… Anything less and Apple wins.

  • AnonymousGuy

    I wouldn’t expect a 4.3 JB until mid to late April. Anyone who’s JB’d on 4.2.1 shouldn’t upgrade to 4.3 yet.

  • AnonymousGuy

    Just use Mywi if you’re already JB’d. I find it’s actually better than 4.3’s built-in wifi-hotspot.

  • CanadianDriver

    “buffer overflow in the kernel heap”
    heap is a term commonly used in machine language programming. it’s a memory register technique where a developer stacks bytes on top of each other. extraction is implemented in first-in-last-out fashion.
    the hacker managed to confuse the kernel by overstacking the heap “buffer”

  • Guest

    Lol android! Good luck with that OS! more holes than Swiss cheese!

  • Mikomi

    That comment made no sense, and i have no Mobile OS loyalty, i like iOS, Android, WebOS. I just like to change my phone every 3 or so months 😛