Apple TV Door Crasher Sale: $88 at Staples on December 14 Only [u]


If you’re on the hunt for an Apple TV deal for Christmas, start lining up at your local Staples as tomorrow they’ll have a one-day door crasher sale on Dec. 14, priced at $88 ($21 off; minimum 8 per store), according to RedFlagDeals:

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Sure, a refurbished Apple TV costs $85 from Apple, but for $3 more you can get one brand new and right away in-store. You could also try price matching this at Future Shop or Best Buy. 

Last year, Staples had a similar Apple TV door crasher priced at $79 both online and in-store, but that ended up being one giant SNAFU as they got overwhelmed with online orders and cancelled most of them, which made a lot of people angry.

Other sales in the flyer note the 13-inch MacBook Air is $150 off, and iPads get bonus Air Miles. 

Let us know if you’re going to try to nab one of these Apple TVs tomorrow!

Update: this sale is available online too.


  • Reggie

    Interesting, and thanks for the headsup. We got $30 for that online mishap last year, which I haven’t used yet. Maybe get my Apple TV for $58 🙂
    I tried price matching from future shop last year and they said they don’t price match door crashers. Just a headsup peeps

  • Cheers. Yeah last year was a mess. Looks like this year it’s in-store only. $58 would be a killer price for an Apple TV!

  • Michael

    eh,.. apple store offered $25 giftcard on black friday sale, which you could use and apply immediately to the purchase which knocked it down to $84, no lineup, plenty stock. Bought 3

  • Name

    Or you could have had what happened to me on Black Friday. Bought two iPad mini’s before Black Friday (not thinking of the upcoming BF sale at the time), realized on BF that there was an Apple promo, took the two unopened mini’s back to the store, returned/bought my two mini’s, got my $50 x 2 gift cards. Used those to buy an Apple TV plus my own $8, then got a $25 gift card to buy a spare 1m lightning USB cable. I thought I did pretty darn good that day.

  • Now that’s one way of doing it!

  • Will

    I was under the impression that you had to use the $25 gift card from black friday purchase on a future purchase! at least that’s what the apple genius told me. that sucks. now i have this gift card i’ll use probably in 10 years from now…

  • Dk

    Or find someone on craigslist to trade for your first gen appletv for there appletv 3…

  • Mark S

    ATV3 would be much better with a JB. I’ll stick with my ATV1 and 2.

  • Paul

    BB & FS won’t price match one day sales. Target are giving away $20 giftcards with ATV purchase all week though, so it’s basically the same price.

  • bsuge04

    Thanks for the heads up. My local store was sold out but they ordered one for me for the same price.

  • Al

    ATV3 is getting long in the tooth. When you start seeing specials like this, it’s usually a sign that a new model is around the corner.

  • Anon

    You can also add a $20 off $100 coupon to get it at that price. If you still have the $30 credit from last online screwup, you can also apply that as well for a total of $50 off.

  • Anon

    You have the purchase the ATV3 @ $106 to get the $20 gift card. The $20 gift card can only be used on a future purchase, so your still paying full price.