Apple Wasn’t Lying: Today is Just ‘Another Day’

So, big announcement by Apple today that The Beatles are finally available on iTunes. Anyone pull the trigger and purchase song or albums today?

Yesterday Apple’s website said “Tomorrow is just another day”. They weren’t lying, really. Because this video below makes it all worth it, right? RIGHT?! In other news, mullets are awesome.

You can see the announcement of The Beatles in iTunes as a good or bad thing:

The Good:
– We can now download The Beatles in iTunes

The Bad:

– We can now download The Beatles in iTunes

When Apple replaces the homepage of their website with a cryptic message about ‘a day you’ll never forget’, expectations are set. People are thinking of something ‘revolutionary’, such as some sort of iTunes cloud feature, or the release of iOS 4.2. However, Apple, as the marketing juggernaut played this well like a fiddle. Steve Jobs and The Beatles must be pretty happy right about now. I won’t forget this day because Apple made the Internet angry.

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  • Anonymous

    Way to go Apple. I too was expecting a lot more from this announcement.

    Google would never do that.

  • Ex

    Boring. Wasteful.

  • Speederd

    BIG Disappointment…just another day.

  • Orrisachar

    I bet if Lennon was still alive he could convince Jobs to give iOS flash capabilities

  • haha

  • Etdashou

    What a disappointment.

    How can someone be actually really happy about this. It’s been 10 years we were able to buy the CD at the store and rip it on iTunes. Now I can buy it directly in iTunes?


  • Etdashou

    What a disappointment.

    How can someone be actually really happy about this. It’s been 10 years we were able to buy the CD at the store and rip it on iTunes. Now I can buy it directly in iTunes?


  • gordunramsie

    That was disappointing.


  • Ho hum … I believe Beatles music begins coming off copyright in 2012 (50 year anniversary). So wait a couple of years and you’ll be able to get it legally, free of charge in the public domain.

    Given that, it’s kinda hard to view this as a big deal.

  • Wuju

    A shame. I’m disappointed too.

  • Mark

    or Lennon is spinning in his grave

  • Dieselgg

    Boring. … like who cares if I can download Beatles. How about cleaning up the ITunes interface. This is the number 1 comment that I read from other users.

  • Not apples fault, it’s the peoples fault for reading to much in to a single statement lol.

    I admit I expected more too, but at the end of the day I just shrug my shoulders and continue being happy with what I got already ^_~

  • BlogCritic

    You people need to stop and think a bit. The announcement came from iTunes which at it’s core is a music store. Finally landing digital distribution rights to the catalog of the biggest band in music history is a big deal.

    It is something they have been trying to do for years. This is much bigger than the release of an iOS update. Getting all pissy because it’s not new functionaliy or code is sad. There us more to life than your gadgets. All you need is love

  • Anonymous

    Hey now, don’t diss the mullet!

  • There’s no way that Apple would announce iTunes cloud storage on their website. How could anyone think that? They never do that for major stuff. And how exactly would iOS 4.2 have been revolutionary? The Beatles on iTunes is a big deal from a marketing standpoint. This solidifies their position as THE online music store. They have the biggest band ever and nobody else does (legally). “You can see the announcement of The Beatles in iTunes as a good or bad thing”? Did you think before you wrote this? In what way shape or form could this possibly be a bad thing? The community over-hyped this, not Apple. I never thought I’d be embarrassed to be an Apple fanboy, but the crying about this is ridiculous.

  • 🙂

  • gordunramsie

    Hindsight is 20-20, big boi.

    Not everyone cares about the washed up Beatles. Honestly, do you REALLY think this is a good thing? Apple hyped this up when they started spewing crap like ‘tomorrow is going to be another day you’ll never forget’. WRONG APPLE. I’ve already forgotten because this ‘day’ has been one huge waste of my time.

    Who cares if they are now available online ‘legally’. I can buy the real box set from Amazon for $129, vs the $149 DIGITAL box set from Apple. For Apple to charge that is just robbery. ARE YOU SERIOUS?

    It’s not like the entire Apple community has been dying to get The Beatles in iTunes. Who gives a flying F. You’re embarrassed because YOU’VE GIVEN UP on being a fan boy. WAKE UP.


  • BlogCritic

    you really just don’t get it. iTunes is a music/media store first and foremost. Yes it could use some reworking and new features and those will come. I for one am glad that a big part of what apple does is to remain passionate about music. Whether I like the music they promote doesn’t matter (I could give a shit about Ke$ha, GaGa, or any of the lame pop crap) the fact that apple consistently pursues innovation in music delivery and has now signed the biggest band is music history (whether you are a fan or not) is news.
    If you are so disappointed and want it shut down (lame catchphrase) then you are likely welcome to cancel your iTunes account and move on.

    In the age of entitled babies who feel all music should be free I’m glad that Apple considers this major news.

  • gordunramsie

    Oh don’t go all righteous on me, Billy.

    Apple still has passion for music and iTunes–GREAT. But why the F do they hype it up on their main website so we all have high hopes? Heck, they should’ve just released it without saying anything, instead of some stupid catch phrase.

    You shouldn’t call yourself an entitled baby. This case is closed. I win.

  • BlogCritic

    Oh yeah….you’re definitely a “winner” alright.

  • Luca

    what a disappointed wow expecting so much more ????? 🙁

  • Anonymous

    I’m not saying the iPhone is bigger than Jesus, or better than Jesus…

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