You Can Buy Apple Watch Edition at These Apple Stores in Toronto, Montreal

If you have your eyes set on acquiring a limited quantity Apple Watch Edition, which has a starting price of $13,000 CAD all the way up to $22,000 CAD, you only can find them at select locations.

For those in Canada looking to nab one, the 18k gold models will be available at two Apple Stores in Toronto and Montreal only, according to Apple’s Find Locations tool (via MacRumors).

The Eaton Centre Apple Store on Yonge Street in Toronto and the Sainte-Catherine location in Montreal are set to offer the Edition models at launch, as seen below:

Screenshot 2015 04 09 09 47 26

Screenshot 2015 04 09 09 47 52

I’m surprised a Vancouver Apple Store isn’t listed as a location for the Apple Watch Edition, but at the same time populations in Toronto and Montreal are greater. Of course, this could change once supplies increase after the initial launch demand.

Apple this morning confirmed Apple Watch pre-orders will only be available online and not in-store during the initial launch, due to expected heavy customer demand and limited supply.

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  • OliChabot

    Wow, only those two in Canada ? I knew Quebec City wouldn’t havethis chance but as you said, a lot of people have money in Vancouver. I would’ve expected Apple to offer it there too.

  • Wall Man

    I’m surprised as well at no initial Vancouver location. I guess I’ll have to take my private jet to Toronto to make my purchase. 😉

  • MGSayah

    Probably due to the proximity to china and the hundreds of Chinese scalpers that would come to purchase it. It’s just my personal guess.

  • MGSayah

    They chose the Sainte-Catherine’s Apple Store in montreal, first because it’s the province’s flagship store, second it’s in a luxurious neighbourhood. It’s right next door to Louis Vuitton, Canada Goose, Ogilvy, Swatch Store, Mont-Blanc Store, Holt Renfrew, and others. But also because other Apple Store in Montreal and Quebec City are located inside of shopping malls, not a very luxurious and Apple-like.

  • OliChabot

    Yeah th Sainte-Catherine’s place is without a doubt the best place in Montreal. A lot of tourists coming and in an upscale part of the city.

  • Make sure the G6 is fueled up and ready to go!