Apple Watch Manufacturing Issues Solved, Says Assembly Partner


The Apple Watch rollout was slower than usual, but there are reasonable explanations. One of them is what Quanta Vice Chairman C.C. Leung said today: Besides the Taptic Engine issues the Wall Street Journal reported earlier last month, Quanta has been hit by labour shortages, so rumours surfaced about Apple asking around for other suppliers to assist the company in this process (via Digitimes).


Now the supply shortage seems to be over, so Quanta is ready to mass ship the highly anticipated first-generation wearable:

Because of labor shortages during the Lunar New Year holidays, Quanta was forced to borrow manpower from other manufacturers and was only able to deliver limited shipments in the first quarter. However, Quanta already has sufficient capacity to manufacture all the orders and should see a giant contribution from its wearable device business in the second quarter.

By the way, Quanta will not share Apple Watch orders with other manufacturers in the short term, the company vice chairman said. Will the mass shipment of the Apple Watch mean that you can just walk in and make a purchase after trying out the models you like? It remains to be seen.

What needs to be noted here is that Apple is preparing for a second-wave rollout, so the news from Quanta has arrived just in time.


  • Roy DonovN

    what was the issue with the taptic engine

  • Geoffrey Spencer

    It still does not explain why people like myself who order the Apple Watch at 12 AM on the dot on April 10, 2015 are still waiting for their Watches while others who ordered the exact same model and size got theirs already despite ordering quite later. This is by far the WORST rollout ever by Apple. Bad Job, Tim! Steve Jobs would never have tolerated this. This rollout has tarnished Apple’s name and brand.

  • Nick

    I ordered my space grey sport 42mm on April 12th and it said June for available to ship for a while… As of yesterday it says ‘June 29 to July 7’..

  • Roy DonovN

    i waasnt supposed to get mine in june got it the day after they released it

  • Roy DonovN

    i ment i had to wait till june but got it the day after the release

  • ShaBi

    Blah blah blah worst rollout ever blah blah blah Steve Jobs is rolling in his grave blah blah blah Apple brand is tarnished blah blah blah horrible job by Tim Cook blah blah blah

    How many times have we heard this speech? Every. Single. Time.
    How is Apple doing after Tim took over? The best it has ever been, so far.

    Calm your tits. Try to understand the manufacturing process. And you better believe Apple/Tim Cook is more worried and concerned about the delivery date than you are. Many people are working hard making your new shiny toy while you sit there and wait.

  • Anthony

    Just curious what watch you’re waiting for?

  • Geoffrey Spencer

    You are an idiot. People who have ordered the exact same products are finding out that those who purchased hours and some even days after them are getting their stuff before them is the issue. For example, go to a movie theater, line up, wait your turn and then find the staff letting people go in front of you and then you might have to wait for the next movie. Tell me how you would feel about that? It is not the manufacturing process that is upsetting people. It is how people are “cutting the line” that is upsetting a lot of people.