Alleged Packaging for 42mm Stainless Steel Apple Watch Leaks [PICS]


Leading up to Friday’s Apple Watch pre-order, a series of photos have leaked of what looks like the retail packaging for the 42mm stainless steel Apple Watch with Milanese Loop band, along with another image showing off a box which looks to be for bands.

The images were posted to Instagram by user Jeremy Gan—who has since turned his profile to private, but images were posted by MacRumors author Joe Rossignol, who received images from Gan, as seen below (Update: we’ve received higher resolution images of the photos from Rossignol):







Speculation is the photos were taken by Gan, who works as a programmatic platform analyst at the Daily Mail in New York City (he’s been there for 3 months as per his LinkedIn). We’ll find out soon when early Apple Watch press reviews are published. Keep an eye out for a stainless steel Apple Watch with Milanese Loop, if the Daily Mail does publish a review.

These images could be indeed fake, but at this point in time they do look real—you know, like these Apple Watch knockoffs floating around the web. Stay tuned folks, Friday morning is coming soon…


  • Derek Kraneveldt

    Seeing that photo has REALLY made me want to switch to the SS version with the Milanese Loop. It’s twice the price of the Sport that I was going to go for. First world problems?

  • tim

    Did you read The Verge review? It’s basically what I’ve been saying all along; battery anxiety and no clear vision of what the thing is supposed to do. They gave it a 7 overall, which is more like a 5 when adjusted for their fear of losing official access to test products and announcements (like they did after topolsky crapped on iOS 7)

  • Apple Watch review round up coming in 5. Reviews definitely mixed. And good point about Topolsky lol

  • I just saw Patel do an AMA on Periscope. He called the Apple Watch “the most Samsungy” device Apple has released. But he still marvels at the design.