This is Apple Watch Sport in Silver and Space Grey with Milanese Loop [PICS]


Apple Watch try-on appointments went live last Friday and everybody has been visiting local Apple retail stores to get their hands-on with the new smartwatch.

You’ve probably seen our own hands-on with the Apple Watch and also the wearable compared to the Moto 360.

If you’re considering adding on new loop band accessories, Serenity Caldwell from iMore has shared what the 42mm Sport model will look like with a Milanese Loop. Check it out below:

Apple watch sport milanese sleeve 0

It actually looks okay, despite the anodized aluminum casing and polished stainless steel Milanese Loop clashing along the strap insert.

What about the Apple Watch Sport in Space Grey, which is the most popular pre-order? Here’s how it looks like with a Milanese Loop (via @taptanium)

Apple watch space grey milanese

What do you think about this dark/silver combination? It might look decent from a bird’s eye view, but once you see that shiny silver on black along the insert, I don’t think it works.

Are you picking up any extra bands for your Apple Watch?


  • Kam

    In my opinion, I’m not a fan of both. It they just clash too much. If I was to pick one I believe the brushed aluminum and stainless steel band looks a little better. What do you guys think?

    I would be interested to see how an after market space grey Milanese loop band looks on the space grey sports watch.

  • Nick

    I think it looks better in space grey.. More clash makes it look like the colour mismatch is on purpose, rather than the accidental clash of aluminum vs stainless steel.

    I ordered the sport in space grey because I think it’s foolish to spend more money on the first generation of a product that will be obsolete in a year when they come out with the next one. People are used to spending a lot of money on high end watches because they won’t go out of date – the expensive apple watches will still go out of date with technology.

    As far as straps go, I would love to upgrade my strap, but Apple’s prices on the straps are so over-priced you might as well buy the higher end watch. Instead I’m waiting for aftermarket straps to come out. Or I’ll get the adapters I’ve seen on kickstarter that allow you to use standard watch straps…. the only thing that worries me is that watch straps that use the long pin to attach – in my experience anyway – have come fallen out of place occasionally, and losing your apple watch that way would be terrible.

  • Nick

    Have you seen any aftermarket straps like that for sale yet?

  • OliChabot

    I love it ! The milanese loop is my favorite band, very sleek, chic-looking and comfortable. But the 200$ price tagis too much. I hope a 3rd party does one similar that I can get !

  • Kam

    I have not, I will give it a solid look tonight and let you know if I can find anything. Im really hoping to find a milanese loop in space grey, I think it would be a big seller.

  • BW

    I was under assumption the sport watch could only fit the sport bands. Am I mistaken.

  • Mike Beaudin

    That is correct, you are.

    The watch face can be used with any other band. Hence why I got the Sport and once third party make they’re own band, I might just get one of does for a lot cheaper.

  • ????Dennis

    Hahaha LMAO! Who the f**k is buying this?! Like seriously people! It looks so tacky!

    Am I in the minority here? I wouldn’t wear one of it was free, but people are actually buying these things… You look ridiculous folks!

  • Nilay

    Ohh… I think Apple fan’s mind work in the same direction… I was just thinking of ordering the Milanese Loop to pair it up with my Space grey Sports model but didn’t know how it is going to look. Thanks for the above pictures as those definately add some insight into that.

    I feel I will wait till christmas to see if any After market matching bands comes to market. Manufacturers must be looking to get behind this space grey sports model as they now know that highest number of people bought this and we are a target market for them and people might look for change of bands very soon.

  • Nilay

    As Apple always make the price benhmarks I don’t not see good quality bands coming anywhere less than $100

  • Derek Kraneveldt

    Gah. I was hoping that the Silver Aluminum and the Milanese Band wouldn’t clash too much, but it looks pretty bad.

  • Nick

    That second one looks good, though it’s still $47 if you donate now to get one set of aluminum adapters ($35 + $12 shipping) and then you still have to buy a band. I’m hoping some companies will come out with nice bands that fit right in to the apple watch without an adapter and don’t cost a fortune.