Apple Wins Injunction to Ban Galaxy Nexus Sales in the U.S. Over Siri Patent


Reuters reports Apple has been granted an injunction to ban Galaxy Nexus sales in the U.S., which comes to a blow to Samsung. Earlier in the week, Apple won a preliminary injunction against the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

According to Judge Lucy Koh:

“Apple has made a clear showing that, in the absence of a preliminary injunction, it is likely to lose substantial market share in the smartphone market and to lose substantial downstream sales of future smartphone purchases and tag-along products,” Judge Koh said in Friday’s ruling.

According to FOSS Patents, Apple won the ruling over the ‘Siri patent’ on unified search:

Apple and its lawyers convinced Judge Koh that the Galaxy Nexus likely infringes all four of the patents asserted in the preliminary injunction motion, and that all four of them are likely valid. But in the United States, injunctive relief is granted only if monetary damages are insufficient to make the right holder whole, and if other requirements are met. Courts apply the four-factor eBay v. MercExchange test. Apple’s motion passed that test with respect to the “Siri patent”, a patent on unified search.

Apple is set to post a bond of $95,637,141.60 for the injunction to take effect, with Samsung seen to appeal and move for a stay. Samsung has long been accused of copying Apple’s products (the comparisons speak for themselves) and this comes as another blow to them. Steve Jobs had made it clear before that Android was a ‘stolen product’ and he was ready to go ‘thermonuclear’ against Google.


  • Jduckets

    Haw Haw

  • No shit. Not even sure what’s funny with ? anymore. I am busy tryin 2 keep my mind REAL as I read an unbiased review how Google kicked Siri’s ass. (I am as upset as i am sure is the rest of my Apple non related family.)
    I will wait till next upgraded phone and new size screen (finally!!!) but Apple better have the ace in the hole I have come to expect then doubt then question.
    It makes me very sick to say that for the first time in my life (after working for Apple 4 years and launching and teching the FIRST IPHONE!)
    that I would consider anything besides the phone I worked on and have nothing but love for.
    OK NOW…

  • James

    No wonder they fired you…. lol

  • DavidHollinger

    Doesn’t matter – you could make that same argument with Apple Mac OS X, who’s interface is heavily influenced by numerous Linux and UNIX Desktop environments or the fact that Apple (and Microsoft) both stole Q-DOS in the 80s and created their own OS from that (APPLE-DOS and MS-DOS). Not to mention your precious Steve Jobs not only admitted, but reveled, in stealing others ideas and making them better. Apparently it’s only OK if Apple does it though.

    I will never argue that Apple products are bad products, but they have some of the most unethical business practices in the Tech Industry. They are the Anti-Tech – they innovate for themselves, use the rest of the industry’s open tech, and then give absolutely nothing back. There’s a reason that since Apple has started to dominate the US market, the US has FALLEN from being the TOP tech nation in the world to being at about 15th or 16th now. All the TOP countries in the world use Linux, UNIX and android far more, while the Microsoft and Apple heavy countries are quickly falling.

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