Apple’s New Wireless AirPods Cost $219 in Canada


Along side the all new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, Apple also announced ‘AirPods’ wireless headphones that use innovative technology to reinvent how we listen to music, make phone calls, play games and interact with Siri. The AirPods eliminate the hassles of wireless headphones, by just flipping open the lid of its innovative charging case and with one tap, they are instantly set up and ready to work with your iPhone and Apple Watch.


The AirPods feature advanced sensors, which know when you are listening and automatically play and pause your music. Using Siri, AirPods allow you to access your favorite personal assistant with just a double tap. This revolutionary experience is enabled by the new ultra-low power Apple W1 chip, which enables AirPods to deliver high-quality audio and industry-leading battery life in a completely wireless design. 

“AirPods are the first headphones to deliver a breakthrough wireless audio experience, and with the new Apple W1 chip they deliver innovative features including high quality sound, great battery life and automatic setup,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing. “AirPods are simple and magical to use, with no switches or buttons, automatically connecting to all your Apple devices simply and seamlessly, and letting you access Siri with just a double tap. We can’t wait for users to try them with iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2.”

Apple notes that the ultra-low power Apple W1 chip operates at one-third of the power of traditional wireless chips, enabling AirPods to deliver up to 5 hours of listening time on one charge. The custom-designed charging case holds additional charges, for over 24 hours of total listening time.


AirPods will be sold for a hefty price of $219 in Canada, and will be available to order in late October.


  • Just way over the priced I expected. Would of bought them for 120$ but 220$, I’ll have to pass.

  • Bleep Bloop

    Too much money for something that will fall out of my ear and get lost on the first day

  • Matt

    I was honestly expecting them to be closer to the $399 Bragi Dash headphones so I’m actually pleasantly surprised with the price.

    I’ve got Beats Studio Wireless and love them but I hate having to pair them to my iPhone and then pair them again to my MacBook and so on. I really like the idea with the AirPods that it’s paired to iCloud so that I can switch between all of my devices. Eliminates the hassle completely.

  • Holy crap, that’s pricey. I wonder if the sound quality is any good. I can’t imagine they sound as good as my B&W C5s, and those are a little cheaper.

  • OliChabot

    Will they be coming with the iPhone 7 ? In the box I mean

  • FragilityG4

    No only the lightning EarPods.

  • FragilityG4

    I wasn’t going to get them anyway … I just picture that feeling if I were to lose one ……

  • MrXax

    I’d love to own a pair… but not at more than 6x the cost of normal EarPods.

  • Bafoon

    Right? Same thing I thought when I saw this – there is no tether, to anything. I can imagine this falling out on those stormy winter mornings in the TTC

  • SV650

    But will they fit any better than the current Ear Pods?

  • Duncan Macpherson

    I think they’re fantastic! No pairing issues, they just “connect” and automatically play when inserted in the ear(via infrared sensors), wireless charging in a sleek case, gorgeous design, and no cables to deal with! Plus, you can use one or both and they automatically sync the sound accordingly. Once again, cutting edge and leading the way. Not the least expensive option out there, but that’s not Apple’s target market.

  • Hondanazi

    But you have to pair them only once and that takes a minute, so while it’s nice they pair so easily I’d prefer not pay to for that one time convenience or have an assurance they work better than my expensive Plantronics headsets that fit well but are majorly buggy. Plus if they fall out easily then what’s the point? If the wired ones fit I’ll consider a pair.

  • Matt

    Yes but they said in the keynote that you once you pair them they will work across all of your devices that are connected to iCloud. That’s better than regular bluetooth headphones which I need to pair with my iPhone, pair with my MacBook, pair with my Apple Watch, pair with my iPhone again, etc.

  • Hondanazi

    I totally understand that can be a pain but fo me it’s not that WOW of a feature when compared to things like battery life or how well they work compared to a regular headset or how they fit and hold….to me the pairing is way down on the list as its a thing I do once. For example I have the Plantronics Edge headset for my cell and even though it holds well and sound is good etc, it wasn’t until it turned off my sensors that I could get the thing to stop disconnecting from my phone and it still transfers to my phone when I get a second call…so it’s all high tech but useless and frustrating when it doesn’t work.

  • Matt

    For me the pairing is a big factor because I don’t have a different set of headphones for each device. I have Beats Studio Wireless now and there are lots of times I opt not to use them just because I don’t want to spend the time to pair them.

    And just because you have a buggy pair of Plantronics headphones doesn’t mean that the AirPods will be the same. For one thing Apple has designed their own chip for this so they are using different tech than what you have now.

  • Hondanazi

    Do you pair the headphones each time you use them? It sounds like you do otherwise I can’t see how it would be that much of a convenience other than the first time you pair the headphones….after that you never have to pair them again. Most headsets can be used in multiple devises. I connect my Plantronics to multiple phones and my iPad. My iPhone has at least 5 devices paired at the moment. I referred to my headset because Plantronics is supposed to be a “leader” in Bluetooth headsets for phones and yet they are really buggy. I’ve had every single iPhone (including the original) except the iPhone 3 I’m on my 5th iPad and I’ve had several Mac desktops so I am an Apple fan but some features don’t always impress me. I will probably buy a pair (like I will buy a watch series 2) but when they use technobabble like “beamforming” microphones they loose me …

  • Matt

    The only time I don’t have to pair the ones I have is when I’m using them with the same device I used the previous times. So if I used them last with my iPhone and need headphones for my Mac I usually just grab the wired EarPods because its faster than pairing them. I’m assuming that the AirPods will work similar to AirPlay devices where it will just show up as an available source when they are turned on (as long as they are on the same iCloud account). For me, and I’m sure many others, this bit of connivence is nice to have.

    That’s not the only feature that will make me buy them though. Most “wireless” headphones still have wires that connect them together (apart from the Bragi ones) which get tangled and tear eventually. Also they only have a limited charge before you need to find an outlet while the AirPods have extra charges stored in the case for when you are on the go. You might not think there is one big “wow” feature but I think it’s all the cool little features together that makes me want to buy them.

  • Hondanazi

    Agreed. I find pairing so easy nowadays and that you only do it once anyways isn’t that much of a big deal. I’ll read the reviews and go from there…..

  • quad100

    overprices for very little convenience. loose one and you are screwed. My bet is wait a year and you will see them drop in price by more the half. for those who lose their keys or change they have in their pockets, well just another item that will be lost. plus, sometimes i can’t find the tv remote at home. this being so small, i bet i will spend more time looking for one of them then actually using them.

  • Tim

    These things are soooo ugly. I’d be embarrassed to wear them.