AppleCare+ Now Covers Traveler’s iOS Devices In All Supported Countries


Apple has recently updated its AppleCare+ plans for iOS devices, announcing service coverage for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices for travellers in any country where the AppleCare+ is offered, TechCrunch reports. So if you’re travelling outside Canada, you can get service for your device in any of the supported countries that include Austria, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, UK and US.


It must be kept in mind though that not all replacement or repair offerings are available in every country, since many countries don’t carry stock for certain iPhone models. For instance, The CDMA iPhone 5 is not available in Brazil and so it can’t be replaced there.

Previously, users would have to have AppleCare+ service for their iOS devices performed where they initially purchased the plan. But with this update, travellers will get more options for repair and replacement with their AppleCare+ plans.

Earlier this month, Apple also increased the AppleCare+ coverage price for deductibles in the USA and Canada, making it $79 (previously $49) for up to two incidents.


  • IAN

    So if I bought an iPhone 5 in the New York city in May 2013, and I don’t have the AppleCare +, just the standard 1 yr warranty. Does that mean that the iPhone can be serviced during the first year warranty either in the US or Canada?

    Would love to hear anyone’s thoughts, since I use the iPhone hear in Canada for 6 mtgs of the year, and am in Florida for the other 6 mths…. 🙂

    Thanks a lot… 🙂

  • Anom

    Yes it can, as long as it’s not the CDMA phone which isn’t supported in Canada.

  • IAN

    It’s a iPhone 5, 16g, model # A1428 that supports AWS (it’s now on Videotron). I think it’s a GSM model and not a CDMA one? I presume this model can be serviced during the initial 1st year warranty (should it need it) in Florida or Quebec?

    Thanks a million for your reply, IAN

  • Kenny Dang

    Yes it can be replaced here in canada. Canadian Apple stores only sell A1428 iPhone 5’s the CDMA models are A1429 i believe.

    Edit: Used to sell iPhone 5’s (They still carry replacements)

  • IAN

    So I presume that an iPhone purchased in Canada can be serviced in the USA, and a USA purchased iPhone can be serviced in Canada. Glad to hear that a USA purchased in the US can be repaired under warranty in Canada.

    Thanks a lot for the info… 🙂