Asus ZenWatch 2 Shamelessly Rips Off the Apple Watch Design [VIDEO]


Asus has today released the second version of its ZenWatch called the ‘ZenWatch 2’, which quite frankly, looks nothing more than a shameless Apple Watch rip-off (via WatchAware). Not only does it blatantly copy the the Apple Watch design, it is also being offered in two different sizes, a 49mm version and a smaller 45mm version, though even the smaller version is bigger than the the larger 42mm Apple Watch. Apparently Asus doesn’t really care for those with smaller wrists, something they actually should have learned from Apple.


The Asus ZenWatch 2 comes in a silver, gunmetal and rose gold finish, featuring a crown as a way to navigate through Android Wear, though it does not rotate like the Apple Watch’s Digital Crown. Instead, it’s simply a button that you can press to navigate through different screens. One wonders where they got that brilliant idea?

Asus 2

And if you think Asus couldn’t stoop any lower, even their promo video resembles so much of the video Apple used to debut the Apple Watch it’s not even funny. Just watch the following video and see for yourself:


  • Jay

    wow, are people actually dumb enough to buy this ripoff?
    Oh wait… samsung galaxy -_-

  • FragilityG4

    It looks similar but I wouldn’t call it a rip off … Many watches look like these two.

  • Cornfed710

    ? ? ?

  • DoctorT

    It looks just like any other smart watch out there (and not really like the apple watch at all). I would never even consider it to be a ripoff.
    The ad shots may look pretty similar.. But the watch is still totally different on its own

  • CanucksGoals

    I think they are all rip off compare to the Casio watch that I was wearing back in high school.

  • Kirk

    Wow… Just wow.

  • Eric

    Apple setting standards for other companies… sounds like when the iPhone came out

  • Glenn Lind

    My 5-year old Timex uses the crown to switch functions, so really whose copying who?

  • The more you directly copy Apple’s look and feel for their ads, the more you are basically advertising for Apple. Customers know Apple’s style, they will walk away with the feeling of Apple, not Asus.

  • aaloo

    The ad is a ripoff for sure. I kind of feel sorry for them though. The music sucks.

  • Eric P

    You guys are golden. I am guessing you think Apple created the smartphone too. Funny thing is, I had 3 different smartphones before the iPhone existed. Same thing with watches. Maybe take a look at the first ZenWatch and realize it’s not really different from the second generation. Then realize Apples day is done. Every product has been a flop since the iPad mini. You just have to look at worldwide sales to see how much trouble they are in.

  • You’re right. I’m switching to blackberry instead.

  • Kyle Ruggles

    Similar presentation, different watch. Too many Fanboys here. Apple isn’t the creator of all. but it inspires many. So be happy with your apple, because we are of android :).

  • befr

    This is a rediculous article. This watch looks exactly like the zenwatch 1, which came out before the apple watch. Apple completely copied Asus, by the logic of this article. Apple products are great, they look and perform beautifully. I choose to use none of them, but they’re great. However, Apple has innovated nothing. Nothing. They refine others ideas.

  • A Guy

    Usman… no…no, just no. Please spend your time putting your effort into better articles. This is worth neither of our time and we both know it.

  • Domino67

    wow, are people actually dumb enough to believe this article?
    Oh wait…iFans -_- The apple watch was announced after the Zenwatch was and released about 6 month prior.