Apple’s Battery Replacement Program May Cut Sales of 16 Million iPhones


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Apple recently launched their discounted battery replacement program for older iPhone models, offering out-of-warranty battery swaps for just $35 CAD, down from previous $99 CAD. Barclays analyst Mark Moskowitz however believes that the move could cut sales of new iPhones by millions of units this year, Bloomberg is reporting.

“While analysts agree this was a good public-relations move, some are concerned it will dent future sales of iPhones, a product that accounts for roughly two-thirds of Apple’s revenue. The company’s stock rose almost 50 percent last year, largely on hopes for a “super cycle” with the new iPhone X and 8, where a large number of users upgrade.”

In a note to investors, Moskowitz noted that even a small percentage of customers opting for battery replacement over upgrade could have meaningful impact on iPhone sales.

The analyst has predicted that nearly 519 million users are eligible for the battery offer. He estimates that even if 10% take the $29 offer, and about 30% of those people decide not to buy a new iPhone this year, it would mean Apple could miss out on 16 million iPhone upgrades in 2018.

Apple is currently replacing batteries for iPhone 6 or newer at discounted price regardless of diagnostic tests under the new battery replacement program, which will be in effect through the end of the year.


  • timpeak

    Apple raleas a patch for the iPhone 6 and other new iOS divices to protect them against the huge vulnerability and dagrous hack

  • Mamba

    I was going to get the iPhone X when my iPhone 6’s battery was dying earlier this year. It got so bad that it’ll shutoff at 20%, so I couldn’t wait a few more months and got my battery replaced. About 3 days later, I’ve basically dropped my plan of getting the X, cause the 6 was still running just fine. Then when I found out the price of the X, I actually felt great that I got a new battery.

    This is not really the same as what’s been happening lately, but more or less the same result in terms of sales being effected by replacing the battery. I’ve LONG been convinced that there are certainly things that will slow down your phone with each update (I’m still on iOS 10), so I’m not that surprised about this news.

    Did the 6 got faster after battery replacement you ask? No, not really.

  • Dehop

    I’ll be replacing my 6s battery near the end of the year. The current iPhone lineup doesn’t offer the right price/feature value balance for me to replace it.

  • Tim

    Same phone, same thinking. The X is better, but not $1000 of better. That what I’d have to pay after selling my existing phone. 6S Plus works perfectly fine, and the screen’s aspect ratio is still actually better for browsing the web on or watching video when compared to the X (I had one for a weekend). The X fits nicer in the hand and has a great camera, but the 6S Camera isn’t that bad either. So, no upgrades for now.

  • Might want to turn on that auto correct 😉

  • So Young

    If I spend $1000 on something, its because I want to have it as long as I can. I’ll never understand people who upgrade every year or two. I have my 6s plus since may 2016 and with this battery replacement program, I can hope to still use this phone for another 2 years.

  • Riddlemethis

    Just don’t upgrade to iOS 12, at least not right away. iOS 11 has been viewed by many as the worst iOS update in terms of bugs in Apple’s history.

    And despite what the current info tells us about the battery, new iOS updates do take up more resources and memory. An older device such as yours will feel the impact even if you upgrade to a new battery…just wait and see.

  • Riddlemethis

    Apple will target you with the SE which I would never buy. Premium smartphones are becoming outrageously expensive, you might want to look at other Chinese brand manufacturers instead of Apple.

  • So Young

    I know about iOS 11 being buggy but performance wise I think its on par with iOS 10 for me. Its still very smooth and apps still load quickly. Thats why I’m not in the mood of upgrading. Smartphones these days are very fast and for my need, I think the 6s plus could do the job for another two years if I have a new battery.

    I still have my iPad air 2 and ios 11 are still running good on it, I think premium phones and tablet should have at least a 4 year life with acceptable performance.

  • Tim

    I have a plus model now, the SE would be far too small. I’m also too entrenched in the iOS ecosystem to leave (I’ve tried a few times). I’ll just use my 6S Plus for another year or two. This battery replacement program should make that easier. Even with that and the purchase of a case, my phone ownership costs (about $1200 outright with taxes included) will average out to $300 or $400 a year depending on whether I get a new model next year or the year after. So three years of iPhone 6s Plus ownership is about $1.10 per day ($33.45 per month), Four years is about $0.82 per day ($24.94 per month).