Was the iPhone 6 Plus ‘Bendgate’ Video Faked? Clock Inaccuracies Bring Up Questions


Apple today responded to the overblown issue of ‘bend gate’, citing how only nine customers have contacted the company over their iPhone 6 Plus units.

Now, some analysis by Pocket-Lint brings up questions regarding the authenticity of the video, as the clock appears to show different times throughout the tests:

Notice the video shows the iPhone 6 Plus drastically bending at 1:40 minutes, and the time on the phone at that point displays 2:26 PM. The man in the video then proceeds to explain around 2:35 minutes into the video that he just finished bending the phone with his thumbs.

But there’s one problem with that version of events: The iPhone 6 Plus he supposedly “just” bent displays the time 1:59 PM around 2:45 minutes into the video, roughly 27 minutes before the smartphone is shown succumbing to little pressure.

The video was created by Toronto-based YouTube channel Unbox Therapy. The video has surpassed 26 million views in just two days, as ‘bendgate’ has gone viral. What do you guys think? Is the video real or fake?

Everytime Apple launches a new iPhone, there seems to be a new phonegate situation. AppleSpotlight provides a good history of these events:

  • 2008: iPhone 3G crackgate
  • 2009: iPhone 3GS discolourationgate
  • 2010: iPhone 4 and the infamous antennagate
  • 2011: iPhone 4S yellowgate
  • 2012: iPhone 5 scratchgate and camera flaregate

Bendgate actually happened in 2012–but was missed by the mainstream media.

bent 2-768x576

As AppleSpotlight concludes:

“Metal bends, plastic cracks, light refracts, and objects block radio waves. Collectively, these iPhonegates have been like a mini lesson in physics.”

Yup. Couldn’t have said it better.


  • Flash

    Thanks Obama

  • It’s always Obama’s fault, isn’t it? 😉

  • Kris Meador

    Here’s what I think. He gets up, sees the bend controversy on social media, picks up his phone and tries to see if it really does bend. He notices it bends a tad under a little pressure and concludes if he really pushes hard it’ll bend more. He sits down, records the beginning and end portions of the video, then records the big bend portion to add in the middle.
    This is just a guess. But it makes sense to me.

  • FragilityG4

    If you put that amount of force of course it will bend … Try that with a Note and see cheap plastic snap, crackle and pop!

  • FragilityG4

    As he’s bending it says September 23rd. The after portion is far smaller but almost looks like it says September 24th.

  • sukisszoze

    Doesn’t he get paid by YouTube based on number of views? How much would he have been paid based on 26 million views?

  • Steve

    Have you not seen the Note 3 Bend test video?

  • Ronin

    Probably more than what you make in a year.

  • FragilityG4

    No I’m really not that interested in Andriod garbage ????

  • gtasscarlo

    It’s also Hamas fault

  • Anon

    That totally depends. “You don’t make money based on the amount of views you have. You make money based on people’s engagement with the ad.
    Engagement here means clicking or watching a ad for more than 30
    seconds. YouTube Advertising is managed in the Adwords platform.
    Advertisers choose ads on a Cost Per Click (CPC) or Cost Per View (CPV)

  • sukisszoze


  • Also what i though was weird… in this iPhone 6+ bend test…. we dont hear him trying to bend the phone…. it’S music… We have noon clue how much pressure he’s putting… or how hard he’s trying… compare to the other tests, we have close-up on his face to make a stronger effect…. Bend or not…. The iPhone 6 plus is a great phone and so great that i’ll put it in my pocket… i always get in in my hand 🙂

  • tHoj101

    I think it’s a matter of how the video was edited. The angle of the shot of his hands bending the device means he would have to suspend a camera on the ceiling out of frame to accomplish a ‘real-time’ timeline of multiple camera angles in the video. I think it’s clear his hands are verticle with a camera capturing video horizontally to give the effect of bending the phone over the table. Edit the bending and spoken parts together and you have what looks like multiple cameras recording simultaneously. Saves time and production costs.

  • ????Dennis

    The droid birds will never understand… We could care less about an S5, S6, S7. I was screen size envy before. Now I just laugh at these dudes and their plastic toys. iPhone 6 is such an amazing phone. Haven’t enjoyed using a phone this much since the original 2G iPhone.

  • Or all of us combined

  • RocketanCC

    The Rogers Logo and the battery icon are no longer on the top of the screen after the bend.

  • FragilityG4

    Perhaps the thickness of the phone made it less bendable.

  • Jason Kam

    What did some one do to bend the iPhone 5? my wife has thrown her phone to the ground a lot and it did not look like that

  • HooDatty

    Don’t care. Lou’s a reject from a retard factory as far as I’m concerned.

  • Let’s be nice…

  • Flash

    Yes but it is also 15% thicker and isn’t it also only a 4.7″ display? I could bring out my old pda and it won’t bend either.

  • You’re holding it wrong! 😉

  • Sonic

    It says September 23 as well.

  • Steve

    Could be. But I think it has to do with the combination of the flexible/rigid plastic back with steel frame. It’s just able to recover better from the stress.

  • Steve

    Nope. It’s a 5.7″ display. So a bit bigger than the 6 Plus. It’s also made out of “cheap samsung plastic”, so I’m surprised it didn’t snap in half.

  • Steve

    Tell your wife to gain a few pounds, say around 220 lbs (if she isn’t already a fatty), then get her to put on some really tight jeans. Place iPhone in back pocket of those jeans, and tell her to sit down. The iPhone should look like the pic in the article, if not snapped completely in half.

  • Steve

    On the super high end, I estimate about 1 in 20 people might either click on the ad, or watch it. Assuming he’s making 80 cents per ad click/view, which is about average. So at 26M views, with 1.3M CPC/CPV, that’s $1.04 Million. Which should more than cover the costs of the phones bent or broken 😉

  • The general public and people in media seem like they expect some sort of perfection from Apple with everything they do, and in general everyone holds the company to a higher standard. So if there’s anything they can find wrong with anything they make, they blow up in response.

  • Steve

    With this #BendGate issue, and the Note 3 standing up to the ‘bend test’, droiders are poking fun at us with our aluminum, but highly bedable 6 Plus. Regardless, I’m still getting a 6 🙂

  • Zachelor

    Of course the cheap plastic didn’t bend. But the battery and the small parts inside might have been damaged. Considering the battery is lithium, and lithium is well known for causing fire, I would not want to use that Samsung…

  • Zachelor

    Yeah, agreed. Next time Apple should copy samsung and release a cheap plastic iPhone, then all the gossip crowd will be happy. And samsung will be very afraid, because Apple targets on his strongest feature – a cheap plastic body.

    iPhone 6 Plus is a beautiful phone. I am amazed at how thin and how well it feels in my hand. Nevetheless, I would not put it in my pants pockets.

  • Zachelor

    No, it’s George W Bush’s fault. If he had been a good president, the Democrats might not have won, and Obama might not have been the president, lol…

  • Wrong.

    As a follower of Unbox Therapy videos. He has a dual camera set- up at any time. The aerial view camera is actually off to the side and angles over at 90 degrees to hover above the table surface. Both cameras record at the same time.

  • Chop

    Absolutely inaccurate.
    In pay/view, they would probably won 1$/1000 views. So basically with actually 33M views, they could have got 3200$, but that would only be true if all of the 33M viewers had no ad-blocker of any kind. They surely won half or less of the 3200$ with this video.

  • Chop

    missed a 0 here. 32000$.

  • henry3dogg

    Just as he is releasing the pressure on the phone, at 2:08, there is a slight jump in the video, and then the phone is clearly much more bend.

    This is where the missing time and dirty work has been cut out.

    Sort of reminds me of when Nokia claimed in an add that the video taken through a windscreen was real footage filmed with their phone.

    But in the reflection in the window of the van in front, you could see that large pro video camera that really shot it.

  • Albert

    The location where the force applied was in the center compared to the video for iphone test which was purposely near the button. Besides how do you how much force he put on the samsjng phone? If you want to compare apple to apple, you need to use robot or tensile tester machine to apply the same load at same location and same rate. Besides, the time shown on iphone in his video seems to conflict to each other. Who knowd he may bent the phone first and edit the video?

  • henry3dogg

    why would we be surprised?

    The people that paid to have the iPhone6 video faked, paid well.

    and he who pays the piper, calls the tune.

  • Statik514

    This video is fake. The guy is a lying pos that wanted to profit from his unexpected viewers. Time on the iphone proves it. Plus the phone was already slightly bent so its much easier to bend more. Ask him to redo the video with a brand new ip6 plus UNBENT and without video editing with his bare hands. Lol

  • Anthony ?

    Personally I think this thing has been massively overblown, as is often the case with anything that has the Apple name associated with it. No better way for websites and You Tubers to get page hits than to latch onto the latest “issue” with the latest Apple phones and spam links for all they’re worth.

    I’ve got an iPhone 6 Plus, and it’s a pretty durable piece of hardware from what I can tell. There’s no way you’d be bending this thing accidentally unless you were applying a significant amount of pressure over an extended period of time. Yes, I suppose technically if you left it in your pants pocket at a funny angle that caused the phone to be subjected to a large amount of pressure it might bend, but wouldn’t you notice that? I mean, wouldn’t it be uncomfortable? To me, the simplest solution might be “don’t do that”. It’s not a “you’re holding it wrong” type of thing, it’s just common sense to me. Don’t put your ultra thin large screen aluminium phone somewhere that you will be applying significant amounts of pressure over an extended period of time without somehow noticing it.

    In the video it looks like he’s applying quite a lot of force to bend the phone. Regardless of the whole timestamp business, I think that’s the best indicator of how strong the phone actually is. If you look at his thumbs it seems like he’s pressing pretty hard in the middle while pulling back on the ends, so this isn’t something you’re going to do by just walking around minding your own business. Yes, you can bend the phone. You can probably bend almost anything if you apply enough force. Metal phones will bend differently from plastic ones, and will recover differently as well, but I think the bottom line is that physics is physics and you can’t hide from it. Best thing IMO is to not put your phone in that sort of situation, develop an awareness of what sort of situation that might be and avoid it.

    This isn’t anything else but common sense. Just because you had your 4″ iPhone 5 in your skinny jeans back pocket for the past 2 years without issue doesn’t suddenly mean you can do the exact same thing with your substantially larger iPhone 6+. Common sense and a basic understanding of physics should kick in at some point, no?

    Oh wait, I forgot, it’s 2014 and we’re all entitled and not responsible and must always blame someone else for our actions or the things we do…sigh.

  • Anthony ?

    They always find something wrong, no matter how minor or insignificant it is. The sad thing is that all these websites and others who are turning this into a thing negatively affect Apple in all sorts of ways that they don’t realize, and all over something that shouldn’t even need to see the light of day when you look at how insignificant it is. If only 9 devices / people out of over 10 million have had this happen, accidentally or otherwise, it’s so incredibly insignificant that it’s not even worth mentioning. It’s not like the iPhone 4 antenna business that was probably valid if not somewhat overblown, this is just nothing being turned into something just to get pageviews.

  • Culi Cula

    Apple needs to investigate this incident and this man got to face consequence, he could not get away with this, it isn’t funny.

  • slapppy

    More like a lesson on how clueless people are falling for this BS. Specially Mainstream Media News that reports like tabloid fodder. No fact checking is done anymore.

  • Daniel Amor

    JAJA HTC M8 all the way baby, only idiots buy iphones. Try that with a M* i bet you it will take a car to bend it.

  • bcarver

    and if you smack it with a hammer it will smash. So what?

  • Will you stop talking crazy already? You’re making too much sense here! 😉

  • Wrong. You need a BlackBerry Passport.

  • mike077

    Yes, it is amazing that people will spend large sums on a precision product and then expect that they can treat roughly and abusively. I don’t do that with any other tech I own, or even anything I own including my vehicles. Why would I do it with an iPhone?

    Then, when they treat their devices roughly and they break or scratch, they howl that its the manufacturers fault.

    They are clearly liberals.

  • tz

    Just like in a troop of baboons, the lower rank ones cannot resist taking shots at the top dog, and just like baboons troops, much high decibel chattering and screaming result. Apple is clearly the big dog, and is naturally the target of lots of insults, FUD, and general pot shots.
    Making a splash on the internet with its 1440 minute news cycle is irresistible to some.
    Now I suppose in some people’s minds, deliberate physical abuse causing damage to a product condemns both the product and its manufacturer as inadequate and unworthy.

  • tz

    I though Mr. Harper was the arch villain responsible for all that is evil.

  • Zachelor

    They should hire JD Anderson to bend the phones. Then the result will be more shocking. Sure the 6 plus might be bended, but the note 3 will be broken into two halves.

  • MacGeekAz

    So its the fatties thats coming up with bent phones?

  • pjs_boston

    The timing of the “bendgate” video along with Samsung’s accelerated launch of the Note 4 seem to indicate that something fishy is going on.

    Another smoking gun is the timing of “nudegate”. From what I’ve read, the photos were collected over a number of years and then released just prior to the iPhone announcement, likely to maximize the damage to Apple.

    Given Samsung’s track record of dirty tricks, I wouldn’t be surprised if Samsung’s fingerprints aren’t on both FUD campaigns.

  • aijosh


  • Steve

    Lol.. Notice the “super high end” remark. 1/1000 CPM is the bare min. which is total crap and on the super low end. This doesn’t include the money being made from squarespace.

  • Brian

    9 people complained to Apple about bent phones, and probably 8 of those were amateur bloggers that purposely bent the phone in order to get page hits, haha.

  • Steve

    UnboxTherapy is a part of the Fullscreen YT network. YT networks generally pay more CPM. $1/1000 CPM is generally what an entry level YouTuber makes, not a part of any network. Unbox with 1.3M subs and high views on all his videos + partnered with Fullscreen, definitely makes more than 1/1000 that’s for sure. I’d say at the very least, he’s made at least $100K (most likely more), on that 26M+ viewed video. That doesn’t include any money he’s made from his Squarespace Affiliate account, is an additional chunk of money.

  • Steve

    It was still working after he bent it. No damage done.

  • slapppy

    Yes you are right. Cheap plastic will not stay bent like premium grade hardened aluminum. So if you want a product designed to be abused and not treated like a high quality personal item, jewelry or watches, then buy a product made of plastic.

    If you want a premium, precision built, exceptional fit and finish piece of kit, then buy the iPhone. Treat your high quality stuff like a responsible adult.

  • chas_m

    I have to tell you, this is something I’ve never thought about — but you’re right!

  • Dakota

    Maybe the media needs to stop hyping Apple as much as they have

  • Steve

    How’s that tin foil hat doing?

  • Steve

    Point I tried to make is that the original UnboxTherapy is not really “fake”, regardless of the time discrepancy. People claiming Lewis was “paid to fake the video”, when another video clearly shows the same thing. lol.. Doesn’t matter, I’m still getting a 6 Plus 🙂

  • Steve

    He’s the re-done video.. But of course, some how this one must be fake too right?

  • Steve

  • Subliminal7X

    The comments here reflect the name of the web site eh ? Yes I love Apple products as I’ve been a Mac user for over 20 years ! But every tech company gets criticism. Apple is not perfect, nor as innovative as it used to be. They’re finally adding features everyone has had for ages, but there is an excitement with Apple products and just opening the packaging is like waking up to open gifts at Christmas ! That’s how I felt every time I got a new Mac, iPod, iPad or Apple peripheral!
    Blackberry gets hammered constantly in tech media (especially American media), Samsung took lots of heat (pardon the pun) for battery fires, and yes Apple does get held to a higher standard because, well, it’s Apple ! They represent quality design, and their products typically have been more reliable and well built than virtually all others (at least the computers were). And being more expensive than most, people would hold them to a higher quality standard….don’t you think ?

  • Subliminal7X

    Actually, fatties’ big, soft bottoms spread and conform to shapes so the phones would be safer. Some commenters on a UK site had this theory and many got into the practical aspects of being an oversized iPhone 6 owner.

  • ron_goodman

    But, BENGHAZI!!

  • ron_goodman

    Well, you could drop a 10 lb weight on it from shoulder height off a squat rack like I did… The amazing thing was that it still worked!

  • Do you even squat?

  • ron_goodman

    I’m an old guy, so 205 lb is the best I’ve done.

  • Sorry was referring to an Internet joke not literally questioning your work out abilities.

  • Sorry was referring to an Internet joke not literally questioning your work out abilities.

  • Statik514

    Still fake! Camera zooms in making the phone dissapear right before he bends it at 1:06. He says the phone is brand new without a sim
    Card but u cannot set up an iphone without a sim card. Nice touch with the plastic cover lol. Busted! Also hes says lots of people complaining that his first video is fake but doesnt mention its because of the time discrepancy and negates to explain this very important issue. Video is still garbage

  • Statik514

    This silent Bob wannabe will NEVER explain himself about the time discrepancy on the iphone. Even if the media or his million+ subscribers ask him about it. He will not even dare mention this issue because he knows that once he does, his mini youtube career will go down the toilet. LoL

  • GlennC777

    What I’m impressed by in all this is actually how *hard* these phones are to bend. As thin as the iPhone 6/6+ are, I would have thought they would bend quite easily.

  • J Winters

    I just don’t get the Apple bashing and why certain media outlets are SO quick to jump on the most minor thing to try and take a dig at Apple. As a company they make some of the best engineered hardware and software in the world that is THE standard all – as in every – other company tries to copy.

    Yeah, I’m happy with my iPhone 6 and appreciate the solid development and engineering that went into making a phone that enhances my life. I could choose any phone but I choose the best and the one others want to be like. Well done Apple and keep up the good work.

  • Derrick

    I’ve seen some video that you can activate an iPhone without a sim card. But it’s not iPhone 6 plus. So, maybe he found a way to activate the phone without a sim? Nevertheless, considering the 6 plus was already activated, it obviously was not open-box fresh. So, who knows what happened to the phone before he bended it?

  • DalleJensen

    If he was an honest guy, he wouldn’t have the iPhone off camera for 6 seconds (1:05 to 1:11). Easy to have four buddies and a dud to make this stunt.

  • Juan

    The times are different?

  • ryansssss

    With the price of Apple products you better believe people hold the company to a higher standard!