BlackBerry 10 vs iPhone 5 Browser Speedtest Showdown [VIDEO]


bb10 vs iphone 5

RIM recently sent out their media invites to their BlackBerry 10 launch event set for January 30th. This is seen by many as RIM’s possible comeback into the smartphone game, which they had dominated before the launch of the iPhone.

Over at Gadget Masters (via N4BB), they have posted a browser speedtest comparing the new BlackBerry 10 against the latest iPhone 5. The BlackBerry is still a Dev Alpha B running the OS and was connected to a mobile hotspot from a BlackBerry 9900 on Fido, whereas the iPhone 5 was also connected to 3G on Fido.

Check out the video below:

The BB10 browser does appear to be faster than the iPhone 5, but we would have liked to see other sites being loaded as well for a better overall comparison. At the 2:35 mark, you can see mobile Safari refreshing the image gallery smoother and faster than the BlackBerry browser.

If that video doesn’t tickle your fancy, here’s another showdown with the BlackBerry 10 against Windows Phone 8 (HTC 8X) over Wi-Fi:

BlackBerry 10 looks to have a capable web browser. It only took RIM over a decade to figure it out. Thoughts?


  • NC

    “It only took RIM over a decade to figure it out”. Yes, and in the meantime Apple produces the same shit over and over throughout the last 6/10s of the decade. Now you’re gonna rain down Apple politics on me, aren’t you. Gary, please don’t turn into a Jonathan Gellar. I have much more respect for you.

  • I was referring to the web browser. RIM didn’t figure it out yet until now. Those are the facts, no? Sure, maybe it was just too irresistible to take a jab at RIM–but they spew their own BS to the media about how great their products are, but we haven’t seen anything yet.

    Don’t get me wrong, Apple isn’t perfect. We’ve criticized Apple Maps for being subpar and have praised Google Maps for iOS.

    I appreciate you reading the blog and providing your opinion 🙂

  • NC, are you affiliated with Blackberry or that Gadgetsite making the videos? I checked them out and they are basically like crackberry but pretending to be covering all platforms. Their iOS articles are all about trying to convince people to switch to Blackberry 10 when it finally comes out.

  • I agree with you Ari U. Sounds like a BB fan site. Guys I will always say it in the spirit of competition (and keeping jobs in Canada) I hope RIM does well. I am just tired of some sites (not yours Gary, I find you honest and fair) bashing the competition. Competition is great and forces everyone to come up with the best product possible.

    I love my iPhone but have been tempted by the Nokia 920 and am not afraid of saying it lol.

  • Gary you are such a diplomat 🙂 You have an amazing site! Keep up the good job.

  • Fumes

    Shouldn’t they connect direct to LTE instead of one through mobile hotspot (assuming 3G) and the other with old crappy 3G?

  • J-dub

    Look at how many bars there is on the cellular on iphone 5 compared to bb10. If the iphone 5 had full LTE bars it would smoke the BB10.

  • haha, thanks. If I was in a bad mood, instant ban hammer probably would’ve happened.