Bloomberg Reports On New iPhone Design With Bigger Screen


We have heard many rumours already, about Apple’s upcoming refresh of the iPhone. Bigger screen, thinner profile, improved camera, smarter, better, faster, stronger, etc, etc. These have all been put out there or refuted by an “inside source”. When a reputable source like Bloomberg reports on the next iPhone, we pay a little closer attention.

Today, Bloomberg is reporting that the next iPhone will indeed have a larger display. We have already heard rumblings that Apple has placed orders for larger displays for it’s next iPhone. Now Bloomberg is reporting the same, apparently quoting an anonymous source close to the company.

Bloomberg also reiterated some other rumours about the next iPhone, like the possibility of 4G/LTE compatibility. With the New iPad already supporting these networks, it seems highly likely that this rumour is a lot closer to fact. It is also thought that this all new design was closely worked on by the late Steve Jobs.

A larger display and faster speeds could definitely help Apple compete with the likes of Samsung and HTC. An all new design is pretty much guaranteed, as precedent suggests. After the iPhone 3G, we had the iPhone 3GS. Then an all new design with the iPhone 4, followed by the iPhone 4S. What is unclear, is will the new display just change the size of the screen, or change the overall size of the device, as well? Also, will next iPhone be called the iPhone 5? The New iPhone?


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