BMO Informs Customer They’re “Actively Evaluating” Apple Pay


Which Canadian bank will be the first to support Apple Pay? According to recent customer service email reply to iPhone in Canada reader Husein, the financial institution says they are “actively evaluating Apple Pay as a mobile payment option for our customers.”

You can check out the email below:

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BMO says it will keep customers updated via online banking notices and messages. While the reply does not confirm Apple Pay is coming, it’s a vague response, in line with what other banks are telling customers over social media.

Back in October, sources claimed BMO was planning to launch Apple Pay, but that front has remained quiet since then.

Despite TD Canada Trust accidentally leaking support for Apple Pay around the same time, nothing has materialized, yet.

Apple Pay currently only works with American Express-issued credit cards in Canada (for iPhone 6 or newer; Apple Watch paired with iPhone 5 or newer), at retailers that have contactless enabled, such as this list detailed by the company.


  • Daniel Feodoroff

    Development in Australia is a stand still too. Except Suncorp Bank is signed up all ready but the only thing stopping them is visa not letting them use it. Also I went to the Commonwealth Bank branch to activate my keycard and the lady helping me asked about my Apple Watch and I said “Just can’t wait to pay with it”. She got the manager of the branch to come out and give me a lecture on how we will never get Apple Pay because of the following reasons. 1. Apple bought the iPhone payment system of them a few years ago (wouldn’t you think that would encourage them to join?). 2. The big 4 banks think Apple is going to become a bank in the next 20 years and they don’t want to help them in that journey. He finished by saying if you really want to pay by your iPhone get our pay sticker or get a Samsung phone because they have Samsung pay. I just think it’s another excuse but who knows. Just thought I should give you an update on how it’s going down under.

  • mxmgodin

    I think I read that some Australian banks will be supporting Android Pay in the near future, though (as they don’t charge an extra fee as Apple does).

  • Thanks for sharing Daniel. Sounds like a real stalemate.

  • Daniel Feodoroff

    Yeah. I’ll be moving to Suncorp Bank soon. They have great deals and are getting Apple Pay really soon!

  • aaloo

    people will switch banks i bet just for the sake of apple pay, or maybe open up secondary accounts at different banks so they can use apple pay. If RBC isn’t the first one to get it, I’m just opening up a checking account with the bank that does to use apple pay for quick runs to the cafeteria and coffee shops at work.

  • xeronine992

    I’ve been quite happy with my Apple Pay experience with American Express. With a few exceptions, it works at more places than I had imagined it would.

    With that said, I don’t feel that BMO is any closer to launching Apple Pay than any of the other banks. The term actively would mean any number of things. To someone who’s being optimistic, it makes it seem like they’re putting the finishing touches on it. Realistically, it probably means they’ve crunched some numbers and had a meeting about it with no timeline what so ever.

    I hope I’m wrong though.

  • Kevin

    I absolutely agree! I have no loyalty to TD Bank whatsoever. In my opinion all the banks are the same, so I’ll go to the first bank that embraces Apple Pay. They can have my money instead of TD