AMEX Canada Encourages Apple Pay Use at These Stores [LIST]

American Express recently updated their Apple Pay page to detail more contactless merchants where you can use the mobile wallet. The list brings some familiar names Apple Canada previously mentioned, but there are some you may not have thought about, which we have bolded below:

  • Apple Stores
  • CO-OP
  • Husky
  • Indigo/Chapters/Coles
  • JeanCoutu
  • Ultramar
  • London Drugs
  • McDonald’s
  • Rexall Pharma Plus
  • Staples
  • Toronto Parking Authority
  • Ardene
  • Canada Computers 
  • Shell
  • Starbucks


American Express goes on to say their cards are “accepted at participating McDonald’s Restaurants in Canada,” which Apple does not, and has led to some confusion for people wanting to try it out (our local store does not support AMEX).

As more retailers start to enable contactless for American Express, Apple Pay’s acceptance will slowly gain some ground, but what we really need are big banks to jump on board, to bring support for VISA and MasterCard.

Let us know if you’ve tried Apple Pay at the merchants listed above!