Britain, Turkey Welcome Apple After EU Tax Ruling


Earlier today, the European Commission ruled that Apple has to pay up to €13 billion ($14.5 billion) in back taxes to the Irish government, after two years of in-depth investigation of the iPhone maker’s tax affairs. Following the Commission’s ruling, Britain and Turkey have both announced that they would “welcome” Apple should the company wish to relocate there as it re-thinks its position in the EU.

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According to The Telegraph, the British Prime Minister’s official spokesman said that the dispute about whether Apple had benefited from state aid was “clearly an issue for the Irish government, Apple and the European Commission”. When asked if the UK would like to see Apple locate here, the spokesman replied: “The narrative of the Government has been well set out. Britain is open for business, we welcome any company wishing to invest in Britain and Britain’s workforce”.

“You have seen today that Liam Fox has laid out that we have had a record year  for inward investment for the year up to May this year which is proof we are one of the most attractive places to do business in – we would welcome any company that is prepared to invest in this country.”

Asked if Apple could negotiate with the Treasury over tax, he said: “We have made clear that all companies that are registered in England pay the tax that they owe.”

Meanwhile, Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Simsek has also offered to provide more generous tax incentives to the Cupertino tech giant. Here’s what he said on Twitter:

In response to the Commission decision, Tim Cook said that Apple follows the law in Ireland and everywhere it operates, and that the EU’s order has “no basis in fact or in law”.


  • johnnygoodface

    EU will never win this!

  • erth

    where is canada in all of this? what a perfect situation for our fearless leader to bring in a huge corporation into canada and start winning jobs for the over taxed people of canada.

  • Fleek

    Apple already operates in Canada, they have a few locations around the country (I’m not talking about retail stores).

  • Lakh Jhajj

    Nothing Major Though!! Designing and Research will be awesome if not manufacturing in Canada.

  • m Arch Tom’s on Bar N Ass

    quote:In response to the Commission decision, Tim Cook said that Apple follows the law in Ireland and everywhere it operates, and that the EU’s order has “no basis in fact or in law”.

    Answer : well…. EU (28/27 member states ) had to allocate quite a large amount of money to SOS IRELAND (rep. of) and just over three years ago, havent we? when IRELAND were filing issues and difficulties documentations and claiming/requesting EU funds to assist the member state ( similar conditions occurred to greece). Quite simply it’s inabilities to run a government administration or the irish having an interest in reducing the gov. income and cutting down then funds sent to EU, when irish claiming little tax revenues ( revenues of irish PA) . Maybe EU commission just had to show to retards and kids how to run a business such as gov. public administration and to avoid bankruptcy for irish gov. , or maybe to avoid the irish to come around and beg for EU funds one more time, and then turns out Catholic ireland (rep. of )financing training and education for Apple Store’s retards , likely to placing those in the ” EU central public administration ” (also monies admin.) and to get catholics keep going with extortion business in partnership with the other three Catholic background member states . (italy , poland, spain).

    whether Tim Cook is aware of catholic irish’ plans to take over EU central public administration, whether Tim Cook is aware of catholic irish being mentally ill and thinking of themselves the heirs of a Kennedy family ( often pictured as the royals of USA) means nothing to europe, EU is and will be driven by churches ( royal families with real and authentic titles and car keys ) for a very long time, and regardless of vatican city plans to become a EU member state when not meeting the required foundations and principles for democracy. DRAFT

  • erth

    thank you for replying.

    i am talking about their head offices. in ireland they have their European head office. Canada should be flying to Apple, not China, and getting as many big companies as possible to move their head offices to Canada. This is a job builder. Lower the taxes for these companies. this is how you build a jobs base.