Canadian Developer Victim of Theft


The Original Title Screen

On Thursday, January 13th, the developers of a Canadian mobile and Flash game studio, Halfbot, discovered that their soon to be released iOS game “The Blocks Cometh” had  been released on the App Store, but not by them.

The Blocks Cometh was originally a Flash game that the developers were working on porting to the iOS Store when one of the Halfbot developers discovered it on the App Store.  The new game was claiming to be created by the developer EdisonGames, who seems to not actually exist anywhere.  After frantic emails to Apple and blogging about what happened, Jim Sterling of the blog Destrucoid, picked up the story and wrote an article which grew in popularity very quickly on Reddit.

Halfbot is still waiting on official word from Apple, but as of the time of writing this article, the stolen version of The Blocks Cometh seems to have been removed from the App Store.  Unfortunately for Halfbot, damage has already been done as the copycat version did well on the iOS store by making it into the top 100 apps and being featured by Apple in the New and Noteworthy section, and those are sales that Halfbot may never see due to Apple dragging it heels.

I urge the readers of iPhone in Canada to help support Halfbot through this tough time by getting the word out about this terrible crime and to check out The Blocks Cometh once it is actually released for sale.  I know I will be buying this game as soon as it comes out, I’ve been playing the Flash version here for hours.


  • Melvin

    Thanks Jon and great article. We appreciate the support and kind words about our game. -Halfbot

  • i don’t understand how the approval process does check for repeats. that way you as a developer can see what is already out there, and see if you have been pirated, or even scooped.

  • Guest

    Stealing makes baby Jesus cry

  • Tomsiphone

    It may be just me (cynical person that I am) but what proof do they have that it’s theirs (Halfbots’) and not the other guys? Again, I’m just playing the devils advocate.

  • Gerry18

    I think there should be a new policy introduced where developers would inform Apple or fill out some type of agreement in advance of what the game is and who’s developing to prevent fraud of any App.

  • Guesty Guest

    Suitable name choice, at least.

  • LMAO

    Yeah, I’ll support it by downloading it for free on my Jailbroken phone. LMAO!

  • Michael

    I can’t help but wonder if this is an inside job. After all, one of the employees at Halfbot must have gotten hold of the source codes and copied them. Who else would have access to those source codes?

    As for EdisonGames, if it doesn’t actually exist then how was it able to put up games in the app store? Doesn’t Apple verify the identity of the submitter?

  • Anon

    This would make for an outstanding marketting ploy it HalfBot and EdisonGames were in fact the same company.

  • Anonymous

    How do we know this is even theft? If there was already a flash version of the game, what’s stopping anyone else from independently developing and releasing it before these slow pokes?

    Never thought of it that way, did ya? 🙂

  • Wow that is very surprising. I didn’t know stealing is already possible when it comes to created games. I bet the developer was so shocked to see his work being published already. And who ever did it should be ashamed for being not able to come out with his very own and have to steal.