Canadian Vending Machines Partner with PayRange for Apple Pay Support


PayRange offers easy mobile payments for vending machines, and the The Canadian National Vending Alliance (CNVA), a group which represents the largest operators nationwide, has announced its new partnership with the former to power its machines coast-to-coast.

The solution from PayRange makes it easy for vendors to implement mobile payments via Bluetooth instead of NFC point-of-sale hardware. Customers need to use the PayRange iOS (or Android) app to make purchases; the latter was recently updated for Canada and now supports Apple Pay for in-app payments.

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Here’s how PayRange explains their mobile payment solution:

When in PayRange, or about arm’s length from the machine, the App automatically connects to the machine and the user simply “swipes” on the smart phone to pay. No personal information is sent to the machine and credit card numbers are managed securely by a PCI compliant processor. We never see or store credit card numbers on our servers.

Steve Tremblay, President of the Canadian National Vending Alliance, said in a statement, “The CNVA prides itself on addressing the needs of consumers and with more people becoming increasingly cashless, we realized we needed a mobile payment solution to bring to all our machines.”

Again, using an app to setup a mobile payment is definitely cumbersome compared to Apple Pay built into the iPhone. But PayRange’s solution appears to be an easy turn-key solution for vending machine operators as all they need to do is install a Bluetooth dongle to get setup. But for customers, they still need to unlock their iPhone, launch the PayRange app and then start the payment process with a ‘swipe’.

Click here to download PayRange for iOS in the App Store. Let us know if you’re going to try this.


  • Dany Quirion

    Would be great if they worked at all with cards, all of their machine with the car thingy doesnt work anymore

  • Z S

    When I was in Halifax Stanfield International Airport last, the vending machines had native support for tap — Visa/MC/Interac Flash. That needs to be everywhere. Right now.

  • xeronine992

    I was at the Toronto Zoo last month and tried to use Apple Pay at a vending machine. Strangely it didn’t work. It behaved like it was going to, but then failed to actually process.

    Ended up tapping my credit card instead.

  • MGSayah

    Same thing at the Coke vending machines at Six Flags La Ronde in Montreal.

  • Z S

    Hmm, maybe it’s some sort of pre-authorization thing that ApplePay isn’t compliant with? I ran into a similar issue at Costco. Their gas pumps take MasterCard and Interac Flash, but ApplePay wouldn’t work.

  • Mike Fradette

    At Canadian Tire, you can tap credit cards, but when you use Apple Pay, it looks like it’s going to work and then fails.