Chinese Thieves Arrested for Digging Tunnel into a Warehouse and Stealing iPhones


Iphone stolen

According to a report by TUAW (via Xinhuanet), a trio of Chinese men dug a tunnel into a Beijing warehouse and stole 240 iPhone 6 handsets. The suspects were however apprehended by tracking down the serial numbers of the stolen devices. 

“Beijing police said Wednesday that they had detained three men suspected of stealing 240 iPhone 6 handsets, valued at about 1.4 million yuan (228,496 U.S. dollars), from a Beijing warehouse. Police said the three men broke into the facility between Dec. 12 and 13 via a 50-cm hole dug out of the wall. One suspect surnamed Chang used to work as a driver for the logistics company that owned the warehouse and was familiar with the site”.

Apple’s products are hugely popular and also costlier in China as compared to some of the other parts of the world. The source notes that Chinese have started calling the iPhone 6 the “Kidney 6” following news reports of a teenager selling his kidney to buy Apple products.

The thieves revealed after the arrest that they had sold the iPhones and had spent most of the money on cars, gold, and gambling.


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  • Parksy

    If people like this put that much effort into legitimate activities, they’d likely have enough money they could buy all the iPhones they want.

  • ShaBi

    Unfortunately, this is what the Chinese does best. Copying/stealing, mass producing, pointing fingers, taking shortcuts, taking advantage over their own kind, and watch other people die and/or live in despair. I’m Chinese so I know.

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    You are indeed ShaBi

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    It’s a blanket statement too general and stereotyping. I’m a Chinese too, so I know.

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    I apologize for being too offensive. Perhaps I should have said “this is the under-laying traits of a lot of Chinese people”.

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    I majored in Economics at Western and many of my classmates were Asian. Their work ethic was off the charts and put me to shame. Their marks likely did too! They must be cut from a different cloth though.

  • ShaBi

    Asians in general are hardworking people. But I’m saying most Chinese specifically has these traits in their DNA. It’s hard to understand/explain unless you’ve lived or dealt with them for expended period of time.

  • Sent from my iPhone stolen by digging a tunnel into a warehouse

  • Jesse james

    Fucking thieves.
    Tunnel should a collapsed on them all killing the lazy scum losers.

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    And then they realized that none of the phones could be activated…

    (Also, cut the racism people, is this a youtube comments section?)

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    All these racist comments are an embarrassment to us Canadians. You don’t have to be Chinese to be a thief. There are losers in every culture/nationality. Grow up.

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