Google’s Chromebooks Overtake iPad for the First Time in U.S. Schools


For the first time ever, Google has surpassed Apple in US schools: low-cost laptops have turned out to be a more popular purchase option among education authorities than the iPad, says market research company IDC (via the Financial Times).

In numbers, this means that Google shipped a total of 715,000 Chromebook laptops, while Apple shipped 702,000 iPads during the third quarter. The Chromebook’s starting price is $199, while the iPad starts at $249 for the first-generation iPad mini and $379 for last year’s iPad Air.

Idc scools

The multibillion-dollar education market has traditionally been dominated by Windows devices, but both Apple and now Google have gained traction. Since schools are turning to cheaper alternatives, the Chromebook seems to be a good option.

However, Google has surpassed only iPad sales. When adding MacBooks to the equation, Google still lags behind, says IDC. The market research company comes to underscore the obvious — as we can see from Apple’s quarterly earnings this year, sales for the fastest-growing Apple product, the iPad, are slowing down this year.

Apple has been pushing the iPad in education, as it is part of its DNA. Tim Cook says the tablet was an instant hit in education, as it has sold more than 13 million units during the past four years. Alongside iTunes U, the App Store has more than 75,000 educational apps, and Apple also provides teachers with the free iBooks Author app to create textbooks for the iBook Store.


  • leafstom

    Yes I own one. They’re amazing!

  • dhirendra100


  • Shameer Mulji

    How so?

  • leafstom

    1. The price. Cheaper than a 1st gen iPad mini 16gb ($270)? The ones at Best Buy are, but there are others like Costco that are more expensive. All of them cheaper than a regular MacBook (of course)

    2. The boot up. Less than 7 secs. Yes this matters to me. Only thing that compares is the SSD MacBook

    3. The keyboard. It comes with one and it works.

    4. I chose mine with a touch screen. Acer c720p. Most don’t come with one. Pinch to zoom, on screen keyboard, etc.

    5. It just streams. Everything but CTV, but f CTV, it works on icefilms too. Netflix & YouTube (of course) and all the nfsw sites in between. No plug-ins needed.

    I still like it despite:

    1. Practically no HDD space. Mine is 32gb, you will need an external HDD (3.0 USB capable, even USB pen will do).

    2. It’s fast…. But open enough tabs and enough apps and it will slow down too. Google Photos is slow. So is Google Music.

    3. There are no games. Anyone say there are is incorrect. I didn’t but this for games but there are no games. May as well say there are no apps either. (nothing compared to the App Store library)

    4. Tied to Google. I only use Google Docs (not great, but I live on it) But all services are from Google. There are alternatives, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.

    5. Works off line? Mmm yeah to an extent. Works amazing on line. I have a 6gb plan so I bring it everywhere.

    6. Doesn’t print. There are no printer drivers for Chrome OS. You literally can’t print. Sorry students.

  • Chrome262

    how is that good for educational market then? Not that I think its a huge deal, I mean most teachers get email for reports and stuff now. but I can see it being an issue with them