Chrome’s Share Of iOS Crosses 1.5% Of All iOS Web Traffic


Google unveiled Chrome for iOS last month as the first real competition for Mobile Safari and according to Chitika Insights, Chrome’s share of iOS traffic has already crossed 1.5% of all iOS web traffic. After Chrome’s initial iOS app release, it held a top position in the rankings for free apps in the App Store and still continues to post significant levels of growth. Analyzing this huge response, the source has set up at a Live Tracker in order to monitor the launch and adoption rate of the Chrome for iOS browser and latest results have confirmed the app’s super fast growth.

According to the source:

The main pie chart featured on our Chrome for iOS Adoption Tracker shows current shares of browser usage on iOS 5. The three fragments we are analyzing include; Safari, Chrome, and “Other” (comprised mostly of app traffic), as seen above.

Directing your attention below we have highlighted a few interesting data points revealed by the tracker as of July 17, 2012:

  • Chrome’s share of iOS traffic is above 1.5% of all iOS web traffic. However, considering it launched just over two weeks ago, this current figure and continued growth seen on a week on week basis means share is on the rise
  • 14.5% of iOS users chose to surf the web on a platform other than Safari. This statistic helps expose the greater story of how consumers interact, share, and navigate the web using smartphones and the constantly increasing number of applications available to them

The second element of our tracker analyzes historical browser usage for iOS. With this dynamic chart, we can infer Chrome’s adoption rate in real time (with a six hour delay to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the data).

The source also notes that Chrome made a significant impact in Chitika’s network between July 2 and 3 when its share of traffic shot to over 1%, which may be due to the app’s high rankings on the App Store.


  • draz

    But it will never beat Safari as Apple won’t allow access to their Nitro Java (thing) to third party apps.

    Still I use Chrome for browsing on my iPhone. The features and ease of browsing is just better than Safari. I have only had to use Safari twice since switching

    Chrome is slower than Safari though 🙁

  • Apple_needs_less_lawyers

    I think Apple playing games with performance and other competing apps is lame, but I would much rather put up with being a little slower and have the much superior Google Chrome app. The ability to sync all my bookmarks from my desktops automatically to my iPhone is great.

    Now I just hope Google comes up with a stand alone Navigation App with Street View before IOS6 screws up the mapping app by no longer using Google Maps and the years of updates and tweeks with a huge Street View database.