CIBC and Rogers To Unveil an ‘Exciting Innovation’ Tomorrow


The following press release was sent out today:

CIBC and Rogers Communications will announce an exciting new mobile innovation for Canadians.

Speculation would assume it is related to some sort of mobile payment solution announcement. A report earlier today noted Canada’s major financial institution along with our ‘Big 3’ carriers had agreed to a set of standards for mobile payment solutions. will be in attendance via our Eastern correspondent @MikeyChu. Stay tuned!


  • Ryan

    Would be interesting if it was a new feature that could link your cell phone number to your bank account so that you could transfer money between friends just by texting them. People in Africa have been moving money this way for years. Not linked to bank accounts, mind you, but I could see some sort of account link thing working in Canada.

  • Anon

    I wonder how much this ‘feature’ is going to cost us customers.  Seeing as Robbers would only be in this purely for profit.