CIBC Reports Issues with Petro-Points MasterCard and Apple Pay


According to a recent email sent out to Petro Canada customers, the company has detailed how CIBC Petro-Points MasterCard users attempting to use Apple Pay at their locations may be running into issues.

Specifically, the issue is related to the instant fuel discount being applied when using Apple Pay. The email states “we are currently experiencing challenges awarding your instant fuel discount and Petro-Points when you use your CIBC Petro-Points MasterCard with Apple Pay at Petro-Canada locations.”

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Petro (or Pedro) Canada says customers should “continue to use your physical CIBC Petro-Points MasterCard” to ensure they will be receiving fuel discounts and earn rewards points. For further questions on the matter, Petro Canada directs customers to call CIBC at 1-800-465-4653 if they have any questions, while they “are actively working to resolve this issue.”

Anyone running into this issue with Apple Pay and their CIBC Petro-Points MasterCard?

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Thanks Jeremy


  • PlayerX

    It seems Petro Point point of sales are unable to recognize the tokenized Apple Pay card number as being actually a CIBC Petro-Points MasterCard

  • Chris

    Also, when trying to pay at the pump it just refuses to process the Apple Pay transaction.

  • randyritraj

    I have trouble with tapping my BMO Mastercard at many (but not all) Petro Canada pumps. Not sure if that’s related or not but it’s been like this for years.

  • John

    I can’t add the CIBC MasterCard to Apple Pay as CIBC has disabled this card until they resolve the points issue. 🙁

  • Doh!

  • walk0080

    Tap to pay seems to be broken at a number of Petro-Canada locations (using CIBC MasterCard). Twice in a week ApplePay and physical card tap at the pump failed. I had to insert the physical card and enter my PIN. Annoying – so will move back to Shell for a while I guess.

  • jabohn

    I’ve now received an email starting they are still actively working on the issue and have credited my account with $10 to offset any loss of fuel discount. Since I hadn’t actually used my CIBC for gas yet this is a $10 for me. I assume they mean $10 to the credit card.

  • jabohn

    The credit appeared as coming from Apple to my CIBC credit card.

  • John

    Still no update on when the Petro Points card to support Apple Pay?

    I noticed with tapping the physical card, I have to tap twice. Before it was once anyone else notice this?

  • Anthony ?

    This is still the case. I replaced my RBC Shoppers Optimum Mastercard with the CIBC Petro Points Mastercard and it can’t be added to Apple Pay. According to their callcenter they’re still working on the problem…

  • John

    And still no fix.

  • jabohn

    I have a new phone now and I can’t even add the Petro Points card to it, it says it’s not supported.

  • John

    Still not fixed after what 5 months?

    Come on CIBC / Petro Canada!