‘Clearforce’ is Android’s Upcoming Version of 3D Touch


According to a report by Slashgear (via CultOfAndroid), Synaptics has announced they are going to release a new touch controller that will give Android users their own version of 3D Touch, which is currently found in the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus devices. Dubbed as ‘Clearforce’, the technology will allow Android users to interact with touchscreen elements depending on how much pressure they use.

Synaptics 800x420

Synoptics says that Clearforce will expand the ability to interact with touchscreen elements beyond just tapping, swiping, and pinching. The company has also said that this capability is available to device makers who opt to use the Synaptics 3700 series of touch controllers for their flagship smartphones.

“This capability is being added to particularly to the Synaptics 3700 Series that is designed for flagship smartphones. No tablets mentioned, so iPad Pro-like devices will probably have to wait a bit longer. ClearForce isn’t the only special talent that the 3700 controller has. It also touts SideTouch technology that turns the edges of a smartphone into a touch sensitive area as well, opening those up to tapping and sliding gestures”.

Synoptics has also announced a new 3600 Series for mid-tier smartphones that boasts of a “FaceDetect Plus” feature that will make proximity sensors redundant, while a 7800 Series controller for large touchscreens, such as tablets, is also in the works.


  • johnnygoodface

    Copycatting? Naaa! Just innovating using someone else’s ideas….

  • Your Mother

    Apple doesn’t own this technology. They didn’t develop it and had nothing to do with it’s creation. They license the tech.

    The company that does own it have right to sell it to whomever they wish.

    I really hate it when some iDiot cries copying while enjoying the 60+ Android features apple copied into iOS 7,8 & 9

  • Haha exactly

  • iOS > Android

  • Anthony

    Are you sure about that. I’m not 100% sure but I thought I read that Apple had been developing this technology for several years. Even if they didn’t it’s interesting that Apple brings these technologies to main stream and sure enough within a year or two they come to android. Just off the top of my head, multitouch, 3D Touch, Touch ID, 64bit on mobile. I know Apple does use features that started on android but to me it doesn’t seem as bad. I would almost bet money Samsungs next phone has a rose gold option.

  • Ghet

    It’s called Copynovation

  • Ryan

    Why do ‘wahhh’-ndroid users always complain about iOS copying them? You do realize that all of androids features came from the early ios jailbreak community?

    Do your research back in the ios 3.0 days, and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. Yes android itself had some original ideas, but that was mostly due to the downtime of coding between jailbreak releases.

    oh and don’t bother retorting with how much our OS is locked down and controlled, as for the average user it has enough built right in nowadays.