Conan O’Brien Reveals Apple’s Lost iPhone 5 Prototype Ad [Video]


When Conan O’Brien isn’t playing life-sized Angry Birds on set, he’s spoofing hilarious Apple commercials. Check out the following ad on Apple’s lost iPhone 5 prototype:

“We will find this person, and redefine the world of genital torture.” Geez, I’d give it back.

[via AppleHeadlines]


  • Matrix Net

    This is not even funny! And I think someone is heading right for many lawsuits on this add!

  • ?Dennis

    I thought you were sick Mr. Jobs. Don’t sweat the small stuff, you have bigger troubles with HTC.

  • Hyperextension

    Looks like someone pawned off their sense of ha-ha for their latest iDevice.  How can they be sued?  It is a spoof ad and therefore falls under certain protections.  You can spoof whatever you want, provided your “audience” is likely not to believe it is the real thing.  Sounds like you are not quite sure.