Concept Reveals What a Translucent Budget iPhone Could Look Like [PICS]


Numerous rumours have pointed towards Apple releasing a budget iPhone made with a plastic backing. We previously saw concept images of what a lower-cost iPhone would look like, but what about a phone with translucent backing taking a page from the iMac G3? Nickolay Lamm has posted some impressive concepts of what this would entail, in various colours:

IPhone 6 Plastique 01

IPhone 6 Plastique 06

IPhone 6 Plastique 03

IPhone 6 Plastique 02

IPhone 6 Plastique 05

IPhone 6 Plastique 04

We previously saw images posted by iLounge of an alleged lower cost iPhone prototype, which had curves similar to the iPod Classic. For these concepts posted above, a plastic-backed iPhone would essentially make an indestructible smartphone, aside from the glass used in the display. What do you think? Would Apple ever go back in time and release a retro-themed budget iPhone?



  • Sean

    I kinda like it. Great way to get into the “Kids” market, without making the parents pay a fortune for the phone. Didn’t we also hear about the new iphone pre-dating someone at Apple? This definitely pre-dates a LOT of people at Apple with the G3 theme.

  • K3

    like it but would only go with it if Apple was the cellular provider for it.

  • mackman6151

    Pacific Mall will sue them for copyright infringement on their aftermarket backings that look surprisingly similar to this LOL 😛

  • haha

  • Supacon

    Damn, these look so good. Really fun and kinda geeky because you can see the guts. I hope the real thing looks this good!