Consumer Rant Towards Rogers One Rate Data Plans


**The following is a guest post by Justin Luey from**

Rogers has introduced their One Rate Plans that will allow 1GB of data to be used anywhere in Canada and the USA. One reader, Justin Luey has given his take on Rogers One Rate Plans:

Rogers has just announced new North American data plans, these plans allow customers to use data while traveling in the U.S with no extra roaming charges. The data used in the U.S is billed the same as if you were in Canada. Rogers claims that these plans cost “about $10 more” than their regular data plans. This is great news unless you are an iPhone user.Rogers’ press release didn’t contain any iPhone specific data packages, and failed to mention if there was an add-on option for people’s existing data plans. Many iPhone users are on the $30 a month 6 gig plan that was offered to early adopters. No one using an iPhone is going to give up 6 gigs a month in exchange for 1 gig that they can use in the U.S.

I was able to confirm this morning that Rogers isn’t offering an add-on to existing plans and is not planning to offer any iPhone plans. Here is a link to the confirmation on Twitter.

Recent history tells us two things about how Rogers treats iPhone users, their first instinct is to screw or ignore them, and they always correct the problem if there is a public outcry. You would think they would have learned their lesson by now, but apparently they haven’t. So it’s time for another outcry.

Let Rogers know you want to be able use your existing iPhone data plan in the U.S by sending a message to their Twitter account

What do you think? Do you agree with Justin’s opinion above about the One Rate Plan?


  • I don't disagree. How about we focus on the root of the problem and fight for Rogers to provide unlocked phones or to unlock at the end of contracts. This way, if we travel to ANY location we can take advantage of local voice and data plans which are likely cheaper than Rogers.

  • Patrick

    Thanks for the heads up on this, I am on the 6GB plan, and would be very happy to have a 5GB plan and 1GB USA access, or simply additional USA coverage up to 1GB (within the limits of the existing plan).

  • i love finding posts like this, but at the same time I hate finding them.. I like finding them because it shows me that Rogers is adding new things all the time, but the reason I hate finding them is because I always end up pissed off that Rogers has screwed me over.. I don't travel south often, but when I do, I really need my data.. the times I go south is to do disaster relief work in New Orleans, and I need to be able to do email on the road, but also update twitter and facebook for those back home who are wondering how our progress is going.. and I can't do that.. unless I want to pay a boat load of money.. I would gladly give up 1gb of my 6gb plan and have that 1gb dedicated for US travel.. COME ON ROGERS.. STOP SUCKING SO MUCH!

  • JMCD23

    I'd love 1GB down south, use it for skype and 0 roaming fees…sounds good. Sadly, Rogers blows

  • Prailor

    i gb in the usa would be great, but i m not going to give up my 6gb,
    if they can make a gig of that roaming, it would be perfect.

  • gtasscarlo

    I have the 6 gb data also and i wish that 1 gb can go to usa roaming even though i dont travel to usa that often but would like that feature even though it cuts into the data plan but the max i ever used was 3.6 gb

  • Isak Ben.

    Me and the wife only have one phone now on a pay as you go with Rogers.

    We are looking to get 2 iphones and put them on a shared plan, looking at Rogers options….i think we are going over to Bell.

  • I'm the one who wrote the rant above but I still recommend Rogers. Bell has by far the worst customer service in the industry. I believe the iPhone on Rogers is the best wireless experience currently available in Canada but it has a long way to go.

    You should always call Rogers and negotiate a better plan before you sign up. The advertised plans are crap, they will always do better to earn your business. No one I know is on an advertised plans, they will always throw bonus minutes and extra features.

  • JMCD23

    I'm going to vouch for Fido over Rogers here. Their CS is top notch, their prices are cheaper and they have the exact same network as Rogers. I pay $65/mo for ult texting, 6GB, Caller ID/VM and 100 minutes by the second. Comparable Roger's plans at the time came to around $80 after SAF/tax

  • I consider Rogers and Fido the same company. I always recommend people check out both. Fido can be cheaper and their rewards program is pretty great but they don't always offer all the services.

  • Dan

    I have the 6GB and have just added the $10 US option to it. I will be traveling to the US tomorrow and will confirm.

  • JMCD23

    Yep, totally depends on what promotions are on. I did luck out though. Was very happy with Fido's tech support when I had an issue with my screen. I've dealt with Rogers for non wireless things before and they're alright. TBH it all comes down to price for me between Rogers/Fido.

  • dudemaster

    Just remember – with the $10 plan they will charge you $1 per MB. I have this plan as I do go to the US. Last time I used 40MB and got charged $40. This plan has nothing to do with your 6GB plan.

  • I can understand the pain of losing the 6 gb, but as for me, I only had 500 to begin with and I never come close to using even half of it. This plan has been awesome. I am in the US now and have been for the last 3 weeks. I switched over to the us one rate data plan shortly after it was announced and have called Rogers since then to confirm that I am not incurring roaming charges. My billing cycle should close in a couple of days, so I'll know for sure soon.

    One huge bummer has been the lack of texting or phone. I am just not willing to pay any sort of roaming charges, so I have a separate US pay-as-you-go phone. I was initially told by a Rogers customer rep that texting was unlimited also in the US, but when I called Rogers to check in (call me paranoid) I was shocked to learn that each text was 75 cents, at US roaming rate. They said they'll waive the nearly $50 for two phones once the billing cycle closed, so again, we'll see.

  • lamw001

    I agree with Brian Erdelyi. Why not the Canadian providers to provide unlock phones?

    With just came back from Hong Kong, all I needed to do is to get a local SIM card and popped into my unlocked phone. Done. I didn't even need overseas roaming.

    How come our market always use this type of strategies to make profits!

    We want to choose a provider we like to stay with, not to choose only because that's all on the table. Open up the market.

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  • Anyone have any luck getting a one-rate plan to their 6 gig iPhone plan.

  • I too have to agree with Justin, while rogers does suck, compared to the others, they are very good. And yes, the advertised plans stink.. my plan is no where NEAR an advertised plan.. and every Rogers customer rep I've spoken to has said they have NEVER seen an iPhone plan like mine, at the cost I pay. To give you an idea… I have:
    1000 Day Time Minutes
    Unlimited Evening and weekend (starting at 6)
    my5 (unlimited Canada wide calling to any 5 numbers
    6gb of data
    and the iPhone value pack (visual voicemail, unlimited text/sms and all the other stuff in the package)

    you ready for this.. I pay $70/month.. yes.. that is high for a cellphone, but compared to what some people are paying for the package they have, I have a great plan.. my bonus is that my work pays about 50% of my bill.

    So like Justin, I can't express how important it is to call Rogers and get yourself a custom plan. They want to keep their customers, and while they aren't the greatest for plans, they will try to accommodate you for what you need/can afford.

    I am going to New Orleans next week for the march break to do disaster relief work, and I'm hoping I can work out a decent data pack/roaming for the week.. I don't want to add something for the entirity of my contract, as I go down south maybe once a year.. so we'll see what happens.

    The reason I don't need to worry about getting a voice package on roaming is because I have Line 2 on my iPhone.. which is a product from Toktumi, which gives me a second line (separate phone number) on my iPhone.. and its a toll free number, so people can call me on my toll free number, and it doesn't use my voice minutes, but it does use data (works over edge/3g/wifi so in order to use my phone while in the states, I only need access to data.

  • not yet, but I'm going to fight for it today.

  • the best they could do for me (because obviously I'm not going to give my 6gb data) was $10 one rate.. which is actually still expensive.. because you pay $10 to activate it, and then it costs $1/mb.. I will keep checking back here to see if anyone has success with getting a GOOD roaming plan on their iPhone, because I really do need it next week when I go to New Orleans.. otherwise I will be stuck using the $10 plan that they offered me..

  • everyone, please make sure yo send feed back on this issue to Rogers. We can sit here on a website and bitch all we want, Rogers isn't going to make a change until we tell them our frustrations.

  • yes, just to echo that.. the “set up” for the plan is $10.. but the actual charge on your bill will be $10 + $1 per mb that you use while in USA

  • Josie

    If you look at their website, the canadian and US one rate data plans for the iphone are listed under smartphone. Also unless you tether your iPhone or you just use retarded amounts if data, you dont really need 6GB of data, your bills tell you how much you use. Also I used my Iphone in the states it cost me $65, I called Rogers and spoke with a rep, and they removed the charge with no problems. I LOVE ROGERS!!! Also this plan just means that Rogers is going in the right direction to better their customers roaming experience in the US. Some customers spend up to $500 a month to use their smartphone in the US. This is what Canadians have been asking for. I challenge you to find anything better with Bell, or Telus.

  • hands up if you think josie works for Rogers…

    also josie.. to say we dont need 6gb of data is just stupid.. the whole reason iphoneincanada started was to start a petition to rogers to allow us an unlimited data plan..

    also.. last time i called rogers and asked them to just “remove a charge” i was laughed at.. sorry, but I don't believe you went to the states and used $65 worth of roaming, and just because the are “so nice” rogers removed the charge.. after i signed up for my5 it was a 3 month battle just to get rogers to realize that YES i was signed up and paying for my5 and YES my parents in PEI were on my my5 plan, so NO I shouldn't have to pay $600 to them.. they wouldn't just “remove that charge” and it was their mistake, not mine.. I had to fight for months.. so don't try to tell me that rogers is great.. and NO Bell and Telus are no better.. no one here is saying they are.. we're merely asking for fair prices among ALL cellphone companies across canada.. for us as iPhone users we just happen to stick our frustrations about Rogers on here.. if I were a bell iPhone user, I'd had the same frustrations, just with Bell instead..

  • Ditto.

    Chris Burke FTW.

  • *raises hand*

  • So I sent “feedback” to Rogers complaining that us 6gb data users can't get in on the roaming action.. heres the lame reply I got back today…

    Dear Chris Burke,

    Thank you for taking the time to write to us, we appreciate your use of online customer service.

    We can certainly understand your frustration that you are not eligible for the plan you want due to the data plan you are currently on. It is certainly not our intention to gouge our customers or have a certain segment of our customers feel that they are not receiving the same opportunities as other customers. Thank you for your feedback.

    There may be some confusion on what the One-Rate data plan entails. The One-Rate data plan is a replacement for the current Canada only data plan. No customer is eligible to keep their existing Canadian data plan and add the One-Rate data plan. Since the 6GB data plan was only offered as a special promotion you would find that the One-Rate plan does not offer that level of excellent pricing and as a new service we are testing out the plan with only a 500MB and 1GB option at this time. The options may become more comprehensive after some time to view our customer usage and determine if there is enough demand for more options on these types of data plans.

    We do offer another alternative to the $10 U.S. Data Roaming Add-On for data usage in the U.S. You could add a travel pack for data coverage as listed below. Please note that the overage rates are in brackets for each travel pack:
    -$30 for 10 MB ($3 per MB)
    -$50 for 25 MB ($2 per MB)
    -$60 for 75MB ($1 per MB)

    This is added in addition to your existing data package. Your usage in the U.S. would come out of this bucket. We realize that roaming with data is not as economical as using the internet in Canada. The pricing is due to the price we are charged by the networks that you roam on for using their internet features. Rogers is always negotiating with our partner networks to get better rates for our customers. As we attain better rates we pass those savings onto you in more roaming options with lower costs.

    If you have any further questions regarding this issue or if you would like us to make any changes to your account please feel free to respond to this email. You can also contact our customer care centre at 1-888-764-3771 or by using *611 from your wireless device within North America. If you use the *611 option you will not use any airtime minutes while you are on the phone with us. If you are roaming outside of North America, you can reach us at +1-416-935-5555. Please note this number is not a toll free number and you will be responsible for any long distance charges you may incur. We are available 24/7 and will be happy to assist you. For technical support you can always use our Live Chat option on our site. Simply go to Support then Wireless and click on the Rogers Live Support link.

    We hope that this information has been helpful in clarifying things for you. You are a valued customer and it has been a pleasure responding to you today.
    For future email correspondence with respect to this e-mail, please quote reference number 43051048
    Thara R Rogers Online Customer Service

  • jmm

    There's two issues that need to be addressed here.

    1) When data originates from Canada and goes to the states it costs Rogers the same as data that originated in Canada and stayed within Canada. Therefore, texts (which are data) should be free at the very least for all of North America. I mean, c'mon this is archaic thinking.

    2) Why Rogers is earmarking a segment of data to be used in Canada and/or the United States is also archaic and of the Old school mentality. Data is data folks. Where you use it makes no difference (or does it cost more or less) to Rogers. At the very least, I believe Rogers should ditch this plan alltogether and institute a different charge that would allow users (no matter what data plan they have) to use their data in the U.S.. So, I pay 30.00 for 6 gb data plan, I should be able to pay an extra $10.00 (more than enough) for the freedom to use data in the United States. Rogers leases towers from american cellular companies for voice and data, I can't imagine the amount of customers using their Canadian cellphones in the U.S. would be enough to even notice.

    I can see both sides of the situation. I understand an old company like Rogers (likely with a board full of grey-hairs) trying to wrap their heads around new technology, afraid that they are not capitalizing on the right markets. But I also understand the customer's point of view (as I am one). We pay VERY dearly for our technology in Canada. But, it's my belief that with companies like Wind Mobile coming along, it's only a matter of time before companies like Bell, Rogers and Telus will be forced to get extremely competitive.

  • Great points Jeff.. the thing that really bugs me is after watching the episode of Marketplace on CBC about Canada's Worst Cellphone Bill, the had a cellular networking expert on who stated this information, not just before the CBC people, but also before the supreme court that data (roaming or not) costs cellphone companies line Rogers 1/3 of a cent per KB.. and yet they charge us around 3cents/kb.. seems hardly fair to me…

  • montymon

    I just phoned and had this one rate plan added to my 6GB iPhone data plan for $10/month. The explanation given was that I will no longer pay roaming fees for data while in the U.S. and any data usage will go against my current 6GB limit.

    I guess the protests worked!

  • Hmm. Take that with a grain of salt.

  • Sorry Monty, but I don't believe that you had the REAL one rate data plan ADDED to your 6gb data plan.. because I just spoke with them on Friday, the best they could give me was $10 roaming at $1/mb.. so I'm guessing you are lying..

  • oh and my $10 roaming WAS an add on, so I still keep my 6gb plan.. the roaming plan will be added the day before I travel down south and removed the day after I get home.. Rogers offer me the 1gb One Rate plan.. however I had to GIVE UP my 6gb plan.. so I highly doubt that you actually got the One Rate plan as an addon.. they may have canceled your 6gb.. but if you did that, you're a moron..

  • I wouldn't say he's lying. He was likely misinformed by the Rogers rep.

  • good point.. monty.. before i discredit you.. I suggest you call back to Rogers, and have them confirm the details for you.. because as it stands, there is still nothing on the rogers website saying that 6gb iPhone users can add the one rate to their plan.. so you were likely misinformed.. and chances are, if you go to the states, get charged for roaming, and tell rogers that you were misinformed.. they won't believe you..

  • Sound advice!

  • haha.. i always call and get things confirmed.. chances are if it sounds to good to be true, it is.. even with Bell (TV/Internet/HomePhone) if they give me a really good deal, I ALWAYS call back the next day to confirm what I was told.

  • You can also go to a Rogers store, have them pull up your profile and
    actually show you the addons.

    There is also to view your account and whether Rogers
    removed anything

  • montymon

    Well, are you a ray of f'n sunshine!

    I was initially offered the $10 roaming @$1/MB and explained that that wasn't what I was asking for. The initial operator I spoke with said she wasn't familiar with the package I was describing and transfered me to the Data plan department. The operator there again started with the $10 add-on and I specifically identified that the plan I was talking about was the $10 one-rate add-on to my existing 6GB plan and she then described the details as being no additional roaming fees [after the $10/month] and the data usage would come out of my existing plan.

    The operator was quite clearly describing the one-rate offer and also made quite clear it worked with my current 6GB plan.

  • don't think that was necessary.. sorry if I didn't believe you.. its just that this plan doesn't exist for 6gb users.. i was more looking out for other users on here who would in turn think that the $10 plan that they offered me.. and you was the one rate, but its not.. I was also looking out for you, because Rogers reps give out false information ALL THE TIME.. and thats how people get screwed.. and I wouldn't want that to happen to someone.

  • montymon

    OK, I'm happy to withdraw my comment, but having first stated In was lying and then suggesting I was a moron you didn't exactly get on my good side.

    As for what happened, I have more info…

    You're right, the operator I talked with misinformed me. I checked my on-line account and she had, in fact, added the $10/month US Data Roaming add-on. I called and talked to another operator and had it removed because as you said to get the one-rate plan I would have to surrender my 6GB plan.

    However, what I described in my note was exactly what transpired.

  • These Rogers monkeys are unreal. Imagine had you used the data plan
    under the impression of the previous information. You'd come home with
    a $120,000 bill!

  • all of that aside.. I'm glad you called to varify it.. those Rogers reps are really good at screwing with us.. and not taking responsibility for their actions.. it really would have sucked had you gone to the states and come back with a $6000 bill.. which people have done in the past.

  • Richard

    I'm surprised they were able to put you back on the 6GB plan. Last time they accidently removed me from an grandfathered plan, they said it was impossible to put it back because the option wasn't there. You may want to check or call to verify they at least got the this right (putting you back on the 6GB plan).

  • montymon

    Richard, I was never removed from my 6GB plan, they incorrectly added the $10/month US Data Roaming add-on. I called to have them remove it and they did. My original plans were and are still all in place.

  • iiC

    Just called an asked if I could add the One Rate to an existing 6gb plan and was notified that the system currently doesn't allow it. The One Rate plan REPLACES any existing dataplans if chosen.

    I agree that Rogers should allow users to ADD this feature on. Rogers has a potential market with US customers who travel to between US/CAN doing this too (US customers can purchase a Canadian Device and add this Data plan to use in the US and Canada)

  • iiC

    Just called an asked if I could add the One Rate to an existing 6gb plan and was notified that the system currently doesn't allow it. The One Rate plan REPLACES any existing dataplans if chosen.

    I agree that Rogers should allow users to ADD this feature on. Rogers has a potential market with US customers who travel to between US/CAN doing this too (US customers can purchase a Canadian Device and add this Data plan to use in the US and Canada)

  • Anonymous

    Rogers are assh&*%es, what would you expect?

  • Anonymous

    Now you can use WIND Mobile and not have to ever put up with Rogers, Bell or Telus ever again.